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Avengers Assemble!

The Canadian Invasion is over! And I have some cute stories about the kids and some real life updates and all, but it is still my Weekend Of Rest, so I'm just going to save all of that for later. I did, however, want to get this post up because queenklu asked me for some Darcy/Bruce recs over a week ago but then The Canadians arrived and I just didn't have time to put a rec list together. So here are some Darcy/Bruce recs for you all!

Contingency Plans - "You can stay in control by always being angry, right?" Darcy unhooks her bra and tosses it away. "So we'll just have angry sex and everything will be fine." - Darcy's attempts to rile Bruce up for angry sex are just adorable and hysterical and Bruce's nervousness and sweetness are exactly what I need in my life!

the things you asked for - if Darcy told her friends from college what she's doing right now, they wouldn't believe her. But that's okay, because she doesn't entirely believe herself, either. - This fic is really quite sweet! Little snippets of their love, and you'll fall into it just the way they did in this fic. Also, awesome other Avengers! And some implied Steve/Tony.

even if the skies get rough - Even heroes can have bad days. - If you only read one of these fics, make it this one! Honestly, this is as much Darcy/The Other Guy as it is Darcy/Bruce and it is full of Angst and H/C and makes my heart hurt in all the best ways and is beautiful and lovely.

Some Kind Of Perfect - It's far from perfect, but it's their kind of perfect. - In which Bruce falls hard and Darcy is awesome and The Other Guy is even awesomer! Also, the Darcy-voice in this is PERFECT! Seriously, if you only read two of these fics, make this #2.

Under Your Influence (The Way It Works Like Caffeine) - The one where Bruce and Darcy try to have a date - Yes, I recced this one already, but since this is a Bruce/Darcy rec list, I thought I'd throw it up here again. Basically what I said last time, Bruce's awkwardness is just lovely, Tony is awesome and Darcy-Clint-bffs is my new headcanon!

The Door To Nowhere - If only Darcy had listened to Tony and not gone down into that part of the basement. Now the nightmares won’t stop, even when she’s awake. - A little self-pimping without shame! Because, while this is story is technically a Gen fic, it was during the course of writing this that I fell into the Bruce/Darcy ship. The two of them took over this story in the best way! Be forewarned: I gave myself nightmares while writing this - it's a horror fic.

Enjoy those! Under the next cut you will find two Avengers-themed videos that I felt I HAD to share with you all. Because they amuse me! The first is some sort of ridiculous crack that makes me laugh hysterically and is adorable to boot! The second is an absolute must for any Agent Coulson fan!

Cartoon!Coulson is so happy here! Also, Bruce/Tony/Pepper FTW!

And is it weird that I find cartoon!Thor & cartoon!Natasha attractive when they do that thing with their hips?

Dammit, Clark Gregg, stop being so awesome all the time!

Those Coulson & Fury figures! WANT!

Lastly, this tumblr thing that amused the fuck out of me. I went back through and read them all! I have linked you to the beginning of the tag, but it's only three pages long. RDjr Advises Chris Evans on His Life Choices!. - "But how do you know it was awesome, Robert?"..."Because it was me doing it, Chris. Because it was me."

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