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Fic: And No Small Degree Of Charm - Teen Wolf, PG-13, Danny/Stiles, Humor, Romance

It's official - I have fallen into the Teen Wolf abyss! Here, have some Danny/Stiles fic! No, seriously, this fic was supposed to be a PWP about handjobs in the movie theater. All Danny and Stiles wanted to do was flirt and be cute - those bastards! Well, they are pretty damn cute. Anyways, my first Teen Wolf fic! PG-13 for some sexual themes and beware the very, very mild spoilers for ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’. 2,039 words.

Title: And No Small Degree Of Charm
Author: The Artful Dodger / dodger_sister
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Category: Humor, Romance
Characters/Pairing: Danny/Stiles
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A little language and sexual innuendo.
Spoilers: Very mildly for ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’.
Summary: Stiles is surprised to see Danny at the last showing of The Hobbit, but it’s a pleasant surprise. A very pleasant surprise.
Word Count: 2,039 words.
Date Written: 06/11/2013
Disclaimer: Teen Wolf is MTV’s, other people’s, not mine. Story is mine. Written for fun, not profit.
Feedback: Bring it. dodger_sister /
Beta’d: Nope.
Author's Notes: My first completed Teen Wolf fic! And it’s my Teen Wolf OTP, Danny/Stiles! And it involves Middle-Earth, where I started this crazy fanfic journey in the first place! How very circular and awesome. For the record, this whole thing was suppose to be an NC-17 PWP ‘hand job in the theater’ fic. Danny & Stiles wouldn’t stop being cute and flirty and sweet and, mostly, PG. And yes, I do think the Rivendell scene is the perfect spot to go to the bathroom.

The theater was practically empty, even for a Sunday afternoon, and Stiles was a little dumbfounded that the entire population of Beacon Hills didn’t want to see The Hobbit again, one last time, before it came out on DVD. Which, logically, Stiles knew it was ridiculous to pay three dollars to see it today at the old historic movie theater when he would be buying said DVD on Tuesday, but that was so not even the point.

The point was…he had to see it again on the big screen.

The other point was there were only six people in the theater besides himself and, somehow, one of them was Danny Mahealani.

“Uh, hey,” Stiles said, because it would be weird to just walk past the guy’s seat.

“Stiles!” Danny said and flashed one of those brilliant grins that tended to stop Stiles dead in his tracks. “I should have expected to see you here.”

Stiles wracked his brain, tried to remember if he knew Danny was a Tolkien fan or not. He definitely remembered seeing Danny at the theater on opening night of The Hobbit, but Danny had been there with a date and Stiles had just thought the midnight premiere was probably a good date thing to do, even if you weren’t overly into fantasy movies.

“I just…you know, had to see it on the big screen one more time,” Stiles told him and gestured at the movie screen, as if Danny wouldn’t know what he was talking about otherwise.

“Yeah. Yeah, me too,” Danny said and then pointed at the seat next to him. “Sit down, Stiles. Stop hovering.”

Stiles snorted, a little puff of exasperation, and slid into the seat next to Danny.

“So. How come I didn’t know you were a fantasy nerd?” Stiles asked, once he had finished juggling his popcorn, soda and bag of gummi worms.

“Guess you never asked,” Danny told him with a shrug and Stiles felt a little shamed. Danny had been his lab partner for months now and somehow Stiles didn’t really know that much about him, except that he was nice, best friend’s with Jackson, and totally hot.

He certainly hadn’t missed the ‘totally hot’ part.

“Yeah, I guess I didn’t,” Stiles said and offered Danny some popcorn.

Danny looked at it like it was going to bite him. “I’m on a diet.”

“Who-what now? What the hell for?”

Danny shrugged again. “I try to keep in shape during the off-season.”

Stiles grinned, big and a little lopsided. “You’re kidding, right?” When Danny made no comment that reveled he had, in fact, been kidding, Stiles added, “Dude, come on. You are smokin’. You don’t even need to worry about it.”

Danny raised both his eyebrows until they were almost in his hairline. “Did you just tell me that you think I’m smoking?” he asked Stiles.

“You know you are,” Stiles said and offered Danny the popcorn again.

Danny looked warily at the offending food and then back at Stiles, before taking a handful and settling back in his seat.

“There you go,” Stiles told him with amusement. “So, Tolkien fan, huh?”

“No self-respecting fantasy nerd can be in the genre without knowing the basics, Tolkien included.”

“I like the cut of your jib, Mahealani.”

Danny just laughed, short little chuckles under his breath and then the lights went down and the film reel kicked in, the opening of the movie appearing on the screen.

Stiles settled back in his seat and let himself fall into Middle-Earth.


He knew the bag of gummi worms had made a ridiculous amount of noise as he was opening it but Stiles figured after that, everything was all good. Except when he turned to offer some to Danny, the other boy was just staring at him, the most incredulous look on his face and Stiles felt his own face flush hot for some reason.

“What?” he whispered at Danny.

“Seriously?” Danny asked, eyebrows drawn upwards once more. “You’re slurping.”

“Slurping what?” Stiles asked and looked down at his drink, which would be kind of hard to slurp through the straw.

Danny poked the bag of gummi worms in Stiles’ hand and then gave Stiles a look that said everything he needed to know.

“Oh. You mean like this,” and Stiles pulled one of the colored worms out and dangled it above his face, then tipped his head back until the worm was tantalizing close to his mouth. Stiles’ tongue darted out until the worm rested on the tip of it, barely touching at all, then he flicked his tongue in a sideways motion, wrapping it around the gummi worm and pulling the piece of candy into his mouth in one go. “Like that?”

Danny cocked his head ever-so-slightly and said, “Wow. Nice tongue action you got there, Stilinski.”

Stiles choked and the worm went down in one go.

Danny reached over and patted him on the back, even though he wasn’t actually having any trouble breathing.

“Smooth,” Danny said with a chuckle, but his hand was still on Stiles’ back and it was large and warm and Stiles would have been perfectly fine if Danny just left it there for the rest of the night.

“I have talents you don’t even know about,” Stiles said with a grin and offered Danny a gummi worm.


“This is the part where all the elves and dwarves stand around and talk to each other,” Stiles said, leaning over to whisper in Danny’s ear.

“Yes,” Danny replied and when he turned his head, their mouths were so close that Stiles could feel Danny’s breath on his lips.

Stiles hesitated for all of two seconds before pulling back, putting a little space between them. He didn’t miss, however, the way Danny distinctly licked his lips before Stiles pulled away.

“My theory on this scene,” Stiles said, though his voice was cracking on the whisper, “is that Peter Jackson put this in here so people could take a bathroom break. It’s like at the perfect spot for an intermission, right?”

“Huh,” Danny said, like he was thinking about it. “Yeah, maybe. But Elrond is in this scene.”

“Your point?”

“Who goes to the bathroom when Hugo Weaving is on the screen?” Danny asked, like it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard.

“Oh,” Stiles said. “Valid. Okay.”

Danny shifted a little in his seat and then, after a minute of silence, leaned in and said, “The guy I came with on opening night? Wanted to…you know, jerk me off during this scene.”

“Holy shit,” Stiles said, because there was honestly nothing else to say to that information.

“Right? As if I wasn’t here to, like, actually watch the movie,” Danny said in utter disbelief, the thought of coming to the theater to do anything except actually watch the movie being completely ludicrous.

“Plus,” Stiles pointed out, “the theater was full-on packed that night. With people, you know, like my dad and stuff.”

“Yeah, getting arrested on a first date is not my idea of a good time. But, I mean, that guy was kind of an idiot.”

“Yes,” Stiles said pointedly. “An idiot.”

“I didn’t go out with him again,” Danny said.

“Good. Glad to hear it,” Stiles told him and then, “I mean, good for you. You know. You deserve better.”

“Thanks,” Danny said and his smile was so warm that Stiles wanted to crawl inside of it, which was just weird, if you thought about it, as if Stiles wanted to be inside of Danny’s mouth or something.

Which was a whole other thought onto itself.

There was a long silence and then Stiles said, “Never done that though.”

“Done what?” Danny asked, leaning over to take a drink from Stiles’ soda, eyes watching him the whole way, waiting to see if Stiles objected. Which he did not.

“Like, fooled around at the theater,” Stiles said and wished his voice would stop sounding like a pre-adolescent girl.

Danny chuckled and shook his head. “I’m not giving you a hand-job, Stiles,” he said plainly.

“I wasn’t…” and then Stiles stopped, squared his shoulders and looked straight at Danny. “Maybe I was offering a hand-job to you.”

Danny didn’t say anything for a second and then his eyebrows shot up to his hairline again and he blurted out, much louder than any of their previous conversations, “Seriously?”

Stiles looked around sheepishly at the few other patrons in attendance and then glanced back at Danny who was still staring at him with that same incredulous look on his face.

“You’re a smoking hot fantasy lover. What am I…stupid?” and when Danny didn’t say anything, Stiles added, “Yeah, seriously, man.”

“Oh. I didn’t know…yeah, okay,” Danny said and then swallowed hard, Stiles’ gaze catching on the motion.

Maybe it was all the tension in the air, but Stiles found the movement of Danny swallowing around his surprise to be the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

“Yeah, okay,” Danny said again after a moment of silence that consisted of the two of them just staring at one another. “I mean, they’re going to be back on the mountain soon,” and he gestured at the screen, where indeed the dwarves had headed back on their journey. “But, uh, rain-check?”

“You got it, buddy,” Stiles said and turned back to the movie.

He couldn’t help it if he had an earsplitting grin on his face. It literally could not be helped.


The credits started rolling and they both stayed in their seats, even as the lights came up and Neil Finn finally stopped crooning over the words scrolling past on the screen.

“So…you wanna get dinner or something?” Stiles asked, without looking over at Danny.

Danny stood up, started gathering up all of Stiles’ garbage from the assorted junk food he had scarfed down and asked “How can you possibly put more food in your stomach after all that crap?”

Stiles shrugged “I am a bottomless pit. Feed me.”

They both headed for the exit and Stiles let his hand brush against Danny’s arm, just to feel the warmth there for a moment.

“I actually kind of have a lot of homework,” Danny told him.

“Oh,” and it wasn’t like he hadn’t thought it was a long shot, because Danny was Danny and everybody wanted him, but Stiles was still a little disappointed.

“But…I’m free on Friday night. If you are,” Danny said and Stiles felt ridiculously warm all over, like a flush spreading through his body.

“Yeah. I mean, sure. That’d be fine,” and Stiles hoped he sounded cool about it, because on the inside, he was anything but.

“Just, like, dinner though. I mean, I don’t…just like, a first date. Or, a first official date. Or whatever.”

“Yeah. Yeah, dinner is good. Dinner is great,” Stiles told him.

“Cool,” Danny said.

Danny dropped the garbage in the waste bin on their way out and Stiles held the door for him, like his mom had always told him gentlemen do.

“So, I guess I’ll see you at school tomorrow?” Danny asked, even though they both knew he would.

“You do realize that now that I know you are a closeted nerd, I’m never going to actually let us talk about chemistry during chemistry class?”

“Maybe…a different kind of chemistry?” Danny asked with a grin and Stiles just rolled his eyes.

“Oh my god, dude. That was so bad.”

“But I’m still cute though, right?” Danny asked and Stiles grinned at him.

“Yeah. You’re still cute,” and then “I’m cute too, right?”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Stiles,” Danny said instead of answering him. “And uh, Friday, at seven. I’ll pick you up.”

Stiles felt like his face might crack in half with how wide he was smiling. It didn’t even matter how ridiculous he looked.

“Friday then,” he replied and watched Danny walk away.

Then Stiles may or may not have bounced on his toes and did a little spin in place, because he had a date with Danny Mahealani; the hottest, nicest, lacrosse playing, fantasy nerd in school.

And no amount of looking like an idiot was going to ruin that for him.

Not even a little bit.

The End
Tags: character - danny mahealani, character - stiles stilinski, fandom - teen wolf, fic - humor, fic - romance, fiction - mine, pair - danny/stiles, rating - pg-13, word count - 1001 to 3000, written - 2013

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  • 10 Years - Double Digits!

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