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Foster Teens & Werewolf Teens!

The Fosters has tackled some really tough issues lately.

Jesus and Lexi having unexpected sex and not using a condom. Kids are going to do dumb things when their hormones get away from them but they handled it maturely - realized they made a mistake, found a way to get their hands on the morning-after-pill that wasn’t risky or unsafe, and sure as fuck would remember not to be so stupid in the future. The real issue was with the moms finding out - should they tell Lexi’s parents, should they withhold the pill? Especially when the sit-down with Jesus revealed that he knows damn well what a screw-up this was and is just trying to minimize the fallout. And I loved Lexi’s parents calling Foster-grandpa out on how he could claim to love his family and yet be bigoted against the Moms for being lesbians just because the church told him to. The line was like, “Look around this table at this loving family. What’s more Christian than family?” It had the Moms (and me) taken aback and then applauding, because this is what I hope more and more Christians will come around too - though I know many who already do and it was nice to see them represented here instead of just sending the inaccurate message that ‘all Christians hate’. Lastly, the amazing storyline with Jude and the hints at his desire to cross-dress. For those reading this that don’t know the show - we are talking about a seventh grader whose most recent foster parent beat the shit out of him for these desires. Idk if they are going down the ‘Jude is gay’ road or just ‘Jude is a cross dresser’ - (which I find more interesting since being a cross-dresser does not necessarily mean you are gay) - but either way, the show handles this with class, not making it preachy, but just having his sister telling him that out in the world it’s not safe to show your true self, and then the one mom say that he shouldn’t let other people tell him how to feel about himself and he needs to decide if he wants to hide and be safer or show his true self without shame and brave the consequences, and that whatever he chooses she was going to support him. This show really treats their audience with respect when dealing with these complex issues. Plus, I am stupidly into the teen romances!

Teen Wolf has done several things that pissed me off this season, but recently they may have made up for all that bullshit.

I’m pissed they killed off Erica without even showing it - just a handwave of ‘she’s dead’. I wanted Derek’s emotional reaction to it, him kneeling beside her body so we can see it all over his face, that he failed, that he can’t keep them safe. That 1.5 second clip of him carrying her body out wasn’t enough. Then, oops, here have a Hale sister we didn’t know about. And what’s with showing everything in flashbacks? Do they think it is fancy, because it’s pissing me off. All of that said - go Teen Wolf on the serious sex scene between Danny & Ethan! So many of the shows I watch are going there with lesbians but none have been brave enough to have a sex scene between two males and this was hot and a little awkward and awesome. But the one thing that came close to making me forgive them for all the bullshit, was the Stiles and Scott scene. It wasn’t Allison that knocked Scott out of it, it was Stiles! As the scene was starting to unfold - and here I will point out that though he was under the wolfsbane’s influence, I think Scott does feel this way much of the time - when he was saying, “I was no one,” I thought how I needed Stiles to say, “You’re not no one. You’re someone to me,” and that they’d never go there so I was going to have to write a fix-it fic for that and then...THEY FUCKING WENT THERE! And Stiles called Scott his brother, HOLY SHIT! And then stepped into the gasoline puddle with him, was willing to die with him. /flaily hands/ Also, Lydia throwing herself on them like bamf and covering Stiles to keep him safe! Still not done being pissed about Erica but this was an awesomely creepy episode with good werewolf lore, excellent teen moments, awesome Argents, Stiles and Lydia having a real good conversation. The season needs to do more eps like this one, thank you very much.
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