dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

The Summer Sun's Calling My Name.

I'm feeling better today! Mostly because it finally stormed and dropped the temperature like 15 degrees, so I got to go outside at last!

Also, I went to a graduation party for The Cousin - who was the kid I was introducing SPN to when I first got this LJ. I am so proud of the woman she's grown into! She had a scrapbook out at the party and one whole page was dedicated to her step-dad - (my cousin). This guy could fit right in on Duck Dynasty - to give you an idea of him. She was eleven when he got together with her mom and now both she and her sister call my cousin 'Dad'. He is their dad, all the way - their biological dad being in and out of their lives and the two of them having to look out for each other because their mom sadly suffers from serious depression - she loves them and she tries, but it is so lucky for both the girls and for my cousin that they all found each other. The write-up in her book said, "Some people say there are no such things as heroes. But they've never met my dad." It legit made me tear up. If you had told me ten years ago that my lifetime bachelor cousin would raise two beautiful daughters like this, I never would have believed you. It's a beautiful thing.

But mostly my mood is better because The BFF is here for the weekend! It’s the first time I’ve gotten to see her since the 4th of July! /grabs bff and clutches her to my bosom/

Anyways, so, sometimes when I am reading on my IPad in bed, I leave the TV on in the background on mute so that when I turn the IPad off, I can see to get out of bed. Last night I forgot the TV was on and when I flipped my IPad shut, there was Jared Padalecki’s face staring at me. For a minute, all my brain could think was, “Why is Jared Padalecki in my room staring at me?!” Then my brain clicked in and I realized what had happened - I had left the TV on and it was running Entertainment Tonight, which was apparently doing their ‘celebrity birthdays’ section. It freaked me out for a second though!

In conclusion: I saw Pacific Rim! The robot/alien fight scenes went on a bit long for my liking, but who cares because awesome characters are AWESOME! Badass smart capable female, rivers of angst and pain, incestuous gay brothers, daddy issues out the ass, tech guys brotp-ing it up with their soldiers, a dog, and best of all…adorable, hysterical awesome science!nerds being the biggest bamfs ever! Science FTW!
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