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Summer TV.

First off, I did, indeed, watch Sharknado! Thanks for the heads up to all of you who pointed it out to me! It is, hands down, the best SyFy channel movie ever made - and this is coming from me, who has watched a LOT of these movies - in that it knows exactly what it is and didn't waste any time getting there. There is a sharknado within the first ten minutes and it kept up that pace for the rest of the movie, no standing around talking for an hour - (I’m looking at you, Tornado Valley!) We were yelling out what we thought was going to happen next and it was just as predictable as all that and so terribly shot - (they would show sharks in the flooded street around the SUV, but then a second later there would be the SUV driving down streets with no water around them at all). Ian Ziering was the lead, which just makes me laugh, but I was a little disappointed there was no Jason London or Nicholas Brendon in it. Sharknado was gloriously awful and I loved it.

I also recently watched the mini-series of ‘In The Flesh’ and highly recommend it. I was worried - when I heard the theme of POV of a zombie who is becoming human again - that it would just be a rip-off of Warm Bodies, a book I loved. But it wasn’t and it was supremely different from any zombie movie I have seen before. There were so many social issues layered in the subtext; bigotry, racism, segregation, homophobia, depression, suicide, second chances. It could be heavy-handed at times but I was continually amazed at how they used the issues of recovering-zombies to run parallel with the characters’ emotional issues. There were some ‘holy shit’ moments and yet, it was also oddly uplifting. It showcased the theme of humanity - like so many zombie movies do - but in a completely different way. If you have ever had a moment in your life that you wish you could get another chance at, this mini-series will really speak to you.

Also, So You Think You Can Dance - which had a really stupid format this year, but apparently they got so many complaints from viewers that they changed it up again. Originally, when they first debuted the Top 20, I called Alexis to win this thing. I am really smitten with her - (and Maleece, but her dancing often shows her youth). But since competition began, Alexis has been a little shaky and someone else has really blown my mind on the stage - Jasmine Harper. That woman is a fucking force to be reckoned with. I am repeatedly stunned by her performances and I am changing my prediction to her as the winner. If not her, than Aaron…because heeeeeello and hotdamn! That man has chemistry like I have rarely seen on this show and he can pull of any style and jfc, YES. Plus, isn’t it about time a tap-dancer won this thing? As for the other male dancers - they are all amazing and I love them, but wow do they seem young this season. My reaction to most all the dudes besides Aaron - (to which I offer the aforementioned JFC, YES) - is that I want to give them cookies and rub their little heads. I will say I was so sorry to see Jade go. He was awesome and beyond talented and representing for Detroit! He was The BFF’s favorite from the auditions. I just hate seeing any dancer get an injury because those things can be tricky and there is always the worry that they won’t come back from it. It’d be like me suddenly not being able to write - your passion should never be taken away from you like that. So hopefully his recovery process will go well and he’ll be back in Detroit, showing us what he’s got!

I have also been enjoying this sweet new show on NBC, called ‘Camp’ - not to be confused with ‘Summer Camp’, the reality show on USA. It star Rachel Griffiths, who I love, and is about a family camp where everyone in the family comes; adults, teens, kids. It reminds me of this movie I loved as a kid with Michael J. Fox called ‘Poison Ivy’. Who remembers that movie? It’s sweet and has an odd family dramedy/teen show mix going on. Perfect summer viewing!
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