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Ficage In June, 2013.

The month of June’s word count - wherein half my words were dedicated to Teen Wolf! Also, I finished two WIPs - one of which has been sitting on my computer for like two years now! It was a very productive month, mostly I think because I decided to try this trial run thing of doing one writing-related activity everyday; be it writing or posting or editing. Even if it was only ten minutes, it was something, every day. It also helped me clear out my ‘written but not edited’ folder, so I have a line of things now that are ready to post. I think next month I should focus more on posting than anything else, just to get that folder cleared out!

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

June, 2013
Day One: 1,300 words of Avengers/OUaT fic. Completed. (already posted!)
Week One: 1,400 words of Christian/Jensen PWP. Completed.
1,200 words of Teen Wolf Family fic.
Week Two: 2,000 words of Danny/Stiles fic. Completed. (already posted!)
Week Three: 4,200 words of Teen Wolf Danny fic.
Week Four: 750 words of Teen Wolf Danny fic. Completed.
1,250 words of J2 Clothes fic. Completed.

12,100 words written in June!

Burned In All The Best Ways - Charles and Erik share a drink. And then another. And then another. And then… - My one and only X-Men: First Class fic! I was so daunted to write both Charles and Erik’s voices, both I rather like how it came out. A sweet, simple moment in the chaos of their lives. And kissing!

With Purpose - There are things that are nice to do, even without purpose in mind. - A short little Dean/Cas fic that I am quite fond of. A sweet, simple moment in the chaos of their lives. And kissing! (see what I did there?)

You guys! I know it is jinxing things or whatever to add up my word count thus far, but I did it anyways and…I am at 50,000 words for the year! That’s counting January thru June - literally exactly 50,000 words in six months! When my yearly goal is 100k, so I am perfectly on track so far! Awesome.
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