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I Copied And Pasted The Lyrics To "War (What Is It Good For)."

So, Wednesday I wrote a scene in a fic and then half of the next scene. And when I went back, the earlier scene was gone. Just…gone. I don’t know what happened to it! My sister tried to help me recover it, but it was a no-go. It was such a good scene too, the banter was spot-on. It was only 9pm and I had planned on writing until 10, but I was so upset about it and suddenly I felt too exhausted to even keep my eyes open. I literally climbed into bed and got under the covers at 9 at night.

But after I got in bed, I was flipping channels and I came across Iron Man 2, just in time for Coulson to tell Tony Stark that he would, ‘gladly taser you and then watch Supernanny while you drool on the carpet.’ Coulson always makes me feel better. Then my sister brought my IPad in and said she had been watching Community vids on it. We just started a rewatch - (apparently this is all my sister will ever want to watch from now on, but I can’t really complain about that) - and we were wondering how many scenes we would be able to recognize now that we have seen the full run. We noted that one of the scenes vidders use a lot in Jeff/Annie vids is actually about how Annie is in love with Troy while Jeff is a manipulative bastard, but it looks like something else entirely when set to music.

I spent a while watching Community vids myself and then decided to read some Community fic. There was this one story where Annie ends up dating the Black Rider - (there is actually a character tag for ‘Black Rider’ on AO3, btw) - whose name is Josh because obviously and then Jeff gets all jealous and I didn’t realize it was 20,000 words until I was already invested! I spent a good hour+ reading that - it was fun. There was this one scene where Abed is giving Jeff advice and Jeff asks Abed if anyone ever tells him how important he is and Abed says, “Troy tells me everyday.” Omg, you guys, The Feels!

On Thursday, I felt like crap and I think maybe I have an ear infection, idk, but that explains some of the tiredness the night before. I spent most of the afternoon reading fanfic and I am putting together a rec list, cuz there were some good ones in there. Then, in the evening, I made myself tackle the missing scene in my fic again because I knew if I let it sit, it would be weeks before I went back to it. I think I recaptured it pretty well, but the banter isn’t nearly as good as it was the first time around. But I pressed on and finished the scene after it as well, so about 3k written this week. I’ll take that.
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