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So You Think You Can Dance Has Turned Me Into A Little Baby Girl

First, yeah, so the other night I got new Christian Kane music. I was very excited. I may have freaked out all over my journal, which I'm told is what it is for. Still, I apologize for the insane capslock. I do not, however, apologize for being a big giant fangirl, which I am. Believe me, it was nothing compared to the next day, when I got new Steve Carlson music. Because Steve is my rockstar boyfriend!!

The only person who mocked me in my real life was my mother, who came in while I was listening to Luckenbach Texas and started giving me shit. But since my mother hasn't liked anything I have listened to since I ventured outside her little hole of The Beatles and Paul Simon when I was like 10, I'm gonna ignore her.

Also, a special thanks to my bff, who may have listened to me talk about Chris and Steve for like twenty minutes, even though she could give a fuck. Thanks for that (though to be fair, I also threw in some Incestuous CW Orgy talk and of course, Misha.)

Now, So You Think You Can Dance - I'm behind on episodes and haven't seen them all but this thing just happened with Alex and...

OMG! I cried over SYTYCD! I am a baby girl. What the hell? But, this guy! He like already had to leave it once because he couldn't get a leave from his dance company and he waits for another chance and it comes and he gives up everything to do this show and then...omg, he gets injured! What the hell? And, he was totally the guy who was gonna win this thing. I mean, right? He was the guy, right?

Granted, when they started out, back in auditions, I didn't pick him as someone I was going to cheer for. Mostly because I felt like he was already a favorite of the fans and the judges. I like the under-dog. And the spunk. I decided to be a cheerleader for Jose, Lauren and Kent - omg, Kent!

But every week I was blown away by Alex. And then when they tell everyone that he is out of the competition and he is just up there crying and all of the other dancers are crying and stupid Cat (I hate her!) is all asking him how he feels about it - bitch, look at his face and see how he feels about it.

He so had that competition in the bag and damn, I wasn't even all, "Whoot, whoot, Alex!" at first, but his dancing killed me and so I found myself actually stopping in the middle of my workout to sob like a baby.

In other SYTYCD news - the love story of Robert/Billy/Kent, anyone? At first I thought, Robert/Kent, but then when I thought Billy and Robert might have to compete against each other to save themselves, I was like, "But you can't break up the Robert/Billy love." And then later, in a different ep, I saw Billy draping himself across Kent's back and I was like, "Oh, threesome!"

Hey, threesome-dance-competition, I can make a new tag!

Also, Ashley has consistently blown me away, so I'm glad she's still around, but isn't this starting to get a little boy heavy here?

So far, until Alex, they haven't lost anybody I mourned over (except some people I loved from the auditions that didn't make it into the final 11), but now we are down to Lauren, Billy, Kent, Robert, Ashley, Jose and Adech-however you spell that (<--I think he is going next, but no one tell me!) and then my favs will start getting picked off and I get so worked up over it.

Like I do when people post an Attractive Actor Poll on their LJs.

Anyway, I am very upset about Alex, because I already figured he was the guy who was going to take this and he earned it and man, I really hope this doesn't mess up his whole dancing career. I mean, I know Nigel said it shouldn't, but you hear about people with an injury who can just never get it back.

I probably won't have time to watch any this weekend (poutpout) but I expect to be done with the season by this time next week, so maybe I'll do another post then and show my true-dance-geek-self to the world (which I kind of just did, along with my cry-like-a-little-girl-self, which yeah, I'm a girl, but I don't cry about reality TV!)

In Sum: So You Think You Can Dance made me cry like a Little Baby Girl.

I hide in shame.
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