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I Inflicted A Lot Of Putrefying Diseases On Men When I Was An Avenging Demon.

Ugh. So, Wednesday night, I started running a fever. I had been feeling a bit run-down and then I started to feel worse, so my sister felt my face and was all, "Oh, hell yes, you have a fever." I was beta-ing a fic for a friend - (ceitfianna has written a lovely character piece for Peter and Susan during their reign in Narnia - I'll try to remember to rec it when she gets it posted) - so I finished that up and got into bed at like 8:45, which is way early for me. And then I started having chills. Boo that.

I felt better yesterday morning - woke up coughing like crazy though, but felt pretty okay all day - and then in the evening I started to feel off again and my sister just looked at me and said, "You're all flushed, you have a fever again." I thought it was just a 24-hour thing, but apparently not. Though Idk why I thought that, since my brother called me on Tuesday because apparently his whole family was quite ill and since they had all spent several days with us, he was worried we were sick too. (I didn't even know it was him over the phone, his voice sounded so messed up). Apparently both he and The Nephew ran nasty fevers with it. I may possibly have a mild fever right now, but I hope it doesn’t spike again tonight since I have to go to therapy.

Also, on Wednesday night, the doorbell rang. My sister had just run down to my mom's house, so I thought maybe she’d locked herself out. But I didn't hear my sister shouting at me to open the door, so I didn't answer it. When she came back, I asked if she had rang the doorbell and she said that it was those security guys again, come to check with us about how things were going, but she'd run into them outside. Wow, I am glad I didn't answer the door!

Oh, and real quick, since I didn't get around to making a post yesterday, I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to bugeyedmonster!

I hope it was a good one, darling!
Princess Peach Cake
You are a peach!

Lastly, I just have one quick thought on Teen Wolf and what I foresee as a long-term plan for Stiles. Notice how Stiles is the only normal-human character among his friends of werewolves, banshees, kanima, super trained hunters, etc, much like Xander was amongst his friends of slayers, vampires, witches, werewolves, watchers, etc. So, like Xander goes on to be a Watcher (so I've heard?) later in life, is Stiles' path one of an emissary? His character arc certainly seems to have a good set-up in that direction. Idk if they'll do it on the show, but it's totally going to be my new future head-canon for him!
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