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Get On The Floor, Floor.

I just watched this last week’s SYTYCD. I have kind of mixed feelings on the Tucker vs. Nico thing. While I think Nico is adorable and talented, I have been rooting for Tucker, in part because his story speaks so much to me. I mean, he was in a terrible accident and the doctors told him he would actually never even walk again and yet here he is competing on a hardcore dance show. But that said…I feel like Nico did an amazing performance and piece of entertainment in this episode with the spiderweb routine and the only reason Tucker got the spot is because of the personal emotions behind his routine. I mean, yes, his routine was stunning and I was totally crying over it - for both Travis Wall’s personal history in it, as well as Tucker and Robert’s - and lord knows, I love when Robert comes back and when they have two guys dance contemporary together, because yes, sometimes I watch this show with my slash goggles on. But it just seems a bit unfair because the emotional pieces always win out over the entertainment pieces and Nico didn’t really stand much of a chance. I’d also like to point out how my two favorite guys; Fik-shun, an adorable little hip-hop dancer that I called out as early as the auditions as making it into the top ten and Aaron, a tap-dancer with killer arms who only made it in after somebody else got injured, and one of my two favorite girls, Jasmine, a contemporary dancer with fire in her legs, are still in this thing!!

On a side note…NEIL! He’s lost that baby-face and his body has filled out and wow. If it weren’t for his unmistakable legs/feet combo, idk if I would have recognized him. Neil is basically the reason I watch the show. I was flipping the channels one day and I came across SYTYCD, third season, never even heard of this show before and Neil was performing and fuck, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Completely enraptured. After that, I started watching regularly, cheering for Neil the whole way. You know, I never really had a barefoot kink in my life, but Neil - his legs are always so straight, his lines are gorgeous, his feet are always perfectly pointed and he almost always dances in barefeet and fuck, by the end of Season 3 - barefoot-kink all over the place. I had forgotten all this until I saw him dance in this latest episode and was re-kink-itized all over again. They are simply gorgeous feet, okay!

The Neil performance that got me into the show!!

Neil dancing with Kent Boyd - who a) went on to be featured in Bunheads and b) apparently went to school with my new PT Assistant. You can’t even know the flailing that went on over that last one.

And for fun, Fik-shun dancing with my favorite girl of all time, Melanie!

In sum: I just had to recharge my IPad keyboard for the first time since I got the IPad in like February - that’s an impressive battery life!
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