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20 August 2013 @ 03:47 pm
Season Seven Of Supernatural As Told By Dodger_Sister.  
So, my girl, lizibabes, has not seen Seasons 7 or 8 of Supernatural yet. But she has decided to just skip S7 and go right for 8, so she can catch up in time to watch 9. Cool. Except she asked what she needs to know happens in S7 before she sets out on this quest. And I drew a complete blank on what the hell even went on in S7. So I read the episode summaries at the SPN-Wiki and wrote up the basic details - with the added bonus of my own colorful commentary. Hope this helps, babe! Enjoy my crazy below the cut!

So, Cas is totally like super-sized-powered now because he has Leviathans up inside him and he's all, "Back off bitches, I'm gonna stop the beasts in my belly if it kills me," and Dean is all, "Cas, don't do this, I love you, man," and then Cas is all, "Let me right my wrongs, dude," and the Leviathans are all, "Too late, we're gonna bust out of your tummy like the baby alien in Aliens," so Cas runs away and dies in a lake and the Leviathan are all free now and Dean saves Cas' trenchcoat so he can cry and cuddle it every night. In the meantime, Sam is still completely crazy-cakes from Cas busting down that wall in his head in like S6 and now he thinks Lucifer is following him around singing showtunes and shit.

So Cas is dead and Sam is crazy and Dean is all angst-o-rama and then Sam runs off to deal with this other shit. Turns out, when Sam was like 15, he hooked up (in a kind of adorable scene) with this cutie who turned out to be a monster that like has to eat people. Her mom was batshit crazy and Sam had to kill her but his girlfriend, Amy, was all, "I won't eat people, I swear," and Sam let her go. She's all grown up now, working in a morgue and has a kid, who is sick and needs live meat, so she kills people for him but she swears she won't do it again once her kid is all better, so Sam lets her go, again. (hey, why does SPN have a thing about monsters who like to eat people? Stop with all the eating people). But Dean kills Amy anyway and eventually Sam finds out and they won't stop talking about it in S8 because Sam thinks she was a good person and Dean thinks she was a monster and it's all just a metaphor for how they are so different and they can't love each other anymore. Or something. They'll bring it up in S8 many, many times - Remember Amy’s Name.

So then, two of the Leviathans, which are like the baddest motherfuckers Purgatory has to offer, have decided to be in a look-a-like contest with the Winchester Bros and kill some people while they are at it. So, Sam and Dean are back on the FBI's Most Wanted list, but alas, no Henricksen to chase them across America anymore. So, thanks Leviathan dudes.

Also, the boys meet this other hunter, named Garth, who is kind of an obnoxious idiot but apparently Bobby has known him for years and they have a special relationship, even though Sam‘n’Dean have never heard of him before, but whatever - you either love Garth or hate Garth, and you'll see him again in season 8. Remember Garth’s Name.

So, this dude named Dick, who is apparently like No. 1 Supreme Leviathan, is all using this chain restaurant to craftily slip mood suppressors into the food until all the people in the world are just lazy ass slugs that his peeps can then capture and eat. It's like a factory line of fatties for the taking. So the boys have to kill his ass but instead Dick shoots Bobby in the head. Yeah, Bobby's dead.

Also, they meet this teenage girl whose Dad is a hunter and missing and they save the dad and convince them both that this is no life for her. They retire in style, but this is important because Dean bonds with this girl, as Dean does with kids, and she will reappear in S8. Her name is Krissy. Remember Krissy’s Name.

Time After Time is an episode in which Deans goes back to 1944 to help Eliot Ness (played by the gorgeously yum Nicholas Lea) hunt a god or something. Find it, watch it, drool over Dean in period clothes.

Let's not forget, Lucifer is still haunting Sam, singing showtunes and being generally annoying, so eventually Sam ends up in the psych ward. Dean goes to a faith healer to help Sam and it turns out to be Cas - HE’S ALIVE - but with amnesia and a wife (<--that we never hear of again), and Dean is all, "Remember how much I love you? Why can't you remember me?" Or something closer to: Dean doesn't tell Cas the truth but he talks about this guy he knew named Castiel a lot and Meg is there for some reason smirking at them and Cas is like "Yeah, so I'm that guy, Cas, huh? I have amnesia, I'm not stupid, I got it, thanks," and then uses his angel powers to do some stuff and kill some demons and save Sam. But he goes crazy for some reason, idek, and ends up in the mental hospital himself and Meg, wtf even, agrees to stay behind and watch over him because she hates Crowley. Or something.

Then they find out Bobby is a ghost and he is like following them around now helping them out. (Yes, they have a ghost-friend now). Then Dick gets the hard-drive with all the Winchesters information about him on it and gives it to this hacker chick, Charlie (Felicia Day) to crack for him but the Winchesters get to her first and Charlie's all, "Fuck my life, yeah I'll help you, but stop hitting on me, dude, I like boobs." She's kind of awesome and she'll be back too. Remember Charlie’s Name.

Now Meg calls to say Cas is like awake and talking because apparently he was comatose crazy man before - idek - but also the boys have to go help this teenager named Kevin who got hit by a bolt of lightning and BAM, he's a prophet now. Prophet Kevin has a major storyline in S8, so Seriously, Remember Kevin’s Name.

So Sam, Dean, Crazy Cas, Meg, Prophet Kevin, Charlie (maybe?) and Ghost-Bobby all go to kill Dick the dick. Stuff happens and Bobby is like at rest now, I don't actually remember how that happened, but no more Ghost-Bobby, and uh, some stuff and then they kill Dick and he explodes and there is a bright flash of light and when it is over, all the Leviathan are banished to Purgatory and Dean and Cas are missing, like POOF-disappeared. Final shot is Dean suddenly appearing in Purgatory with Castiel and being like, "The fuck?" and then Cas disappears on him and he is all alone and he's like, "Damn, this sucks." End Cut.

When we come back in season 8, Dean has just escaped from Purgatory and Sam is playing house with Some Random Chick and NOT looking for Dean and we don't even know where the fuck Cas is (or Kevin or Meg, for that matter) and then there is suddenly also a dude named Benny, who happens to be a vampire - ooooookay, fine, but give just Benny a chance, okay. Anyhoo, you will get what happened in Purgatory through flashbacks, don't even worry about it. It's all good.

Any questions?
lizibabes: Franklizibabes on August 20th, 2013 08:00 pm (UTC)
This is awesome!! A lot of names to remember and I've met Kevin and Benny so far.

Bobby being dead sucks, I liked him, I can't imagine ghost bobby. I will watch those at some point. And period clothing Dean sounds like something that must be seen.

Thank you for doing this for me, it's a big help <333
shell_77shell_77 on August 20th, 2013 08:26 pm (UTC)
Really, honestly in order to get the whole thing down pat don't skip anything. To be truthful, I hated season 7 but I watched it all anyway cause it REALLY sets major things up for season 8.

There are serious relationship stuff you DON'T wanna miss! Man... just watch seasons 7 and 8. NO matter how great someone summarizes stuff for you, it can't do it justice at all. Nothing will suffice except for watching it all yourself.
lizibabeslizibabes on August 22nd, 2013 05:15 pm (UTC)
I do plan to watch it all, even after hearing bad things about season 7, but for now I just want to catch up. I have 8 recorded/recording, if I can find season 7 somewhere I might wait to watch 8.
dodger_sister: supernaturaldodger_sister on August 21st, 2013 11:14 pm (UTC)
This is awesome!! A lot of names to remember and I've met Kevin and Benny so far.

Kevin was the most important character they introduced in S7 and you get the most of his character stuff in S8 anyway, but hopefully the other names will help you when they start talking about someone as if they know them and you are just like, "Wait, should I know them too? Did I miss something?" This way you can just look at this list and be like, "Nope, I shouldn't know them, I didn't miss anything, they're from S7."

Bobby being dead sucks,

I loved Bobby so much and tbh, I almost gave up the show then. I always said I would quit it if they killed Bobby because he is such a great character and the boys need one person in their life that doesn't die for Christ's sake! But my sister talked me out of quitting (mostly because she didn't want to watch by herself!) and I am glad I stuck with it because S8 started to step it all back up again - but yeah, Bobby being dead SUCKS.

And period clothing Dean sounds like something that must be seen.

Oh baby, you have NO idea. Like seriously when you asked me what happened in S7 all I could think was, "Dean spends the whole season in 1944 hunting monsters with Alex Krycek from the X-Files and they both look DAMN GOOD while they do it! Wasn't that what the whole season was about?" Because that's the only thing I can remember! lol

Thank you for doing this for me, it's a big help <333

You are very welcome! It was actually really fun to write!
lizibabes: Mikeylizibabes on August 22nd, 2013 05:21 pm (UTC)
I'm normally obsessive about watching in order, so feeling like I've missed stuff is really weird. I did actually see the Amy stuff, which was kind of harsh and then for some reason I missed all the rest of that season.

I had the same mind set, like there couldn't be a supernatural with out Bobby. But I've heard such good things about the newer eps and I'm just not ready to give up I guess. But I will miss Bobby like crazy.

1944 Dean has to have inspired all the fic right?

Glad it was fun, I'll be checking back every time I forget something
dodger_sister: supernaturaldodger_sister on August 28th, 2013 12:19 am (UTC)
I'm normally obsessive about watching in order, so feeling like I've missed stuff is really weird.

Normally I feel like that as well. I don't mind stopping a show, but if I go back to it, I have to watch all the stuff I miss. Like Bones, I watched the first, uh, 6 seasons and it felt like a good ending spot, good closure, so I stopped watching it. Sometimes I think about picking it back up again but I know if I do, I'll have to watch all the stuff I missed or it'll feel weird!

But as for S7 of SPN, I'll just tell you straight up, if you do go to watch it, it is just boring as heck. It's not as crazy and all over the place as season 6 was but...S6 was the season that got me from 'this is my #1 favorite show' to 'I'm kind of disinterested in this whole thing'. But S7? That got me to a place from disinterest to downright loathing having to watch the show. Absolutely, if my sister hadn't begged me to keep watching with her, I would have turned the TV off the second Bobby died and never looked back. So in a way, I am grateful my sister forced me to hang in there because S8 was so much better and I have even higher hopes for S9 again, but I am only just now getting back to 'kind of a little interested again' because S7 actually made me kind of start to hate the show and I hate even saying that because it's SPN and I LOVE SPN. (and honestly, I feel like all the emotional stuff in S7 was just rehashing of the same old things and their character growth went backwards instead of forwards almost). My point is, enjoy Season 8 and YAY Season 9, but if you ever do go back and watch S7, just try to remember that they'll get some place better soon enough. (but then again, maybe you'd be one of those people that really dug the Levithain storyline. It at least made sense as a Big Bad!)

1944 Dean has to have inspired all the fic right?

It certainly did in my head! But in fic? Not as much as one would have expected, but there were gif sets popping up EVERYWHERE.
lizibabeslizibabes on August 29th, 2013 04:55 pm (UTC)
I will remember this if I ever do a rewatch, which I'm sure will happen. I can't leave well enough alone. But I'll keep in mind that it is not up to the standard I'm used to from SPN.

I can see myself watching going "It gets better, it gets better,"

I do have to see 1944 Dean though, that season might be worth it just for that. I'm surprised I've not seen it on tumblr already. Might have to do some searching for that!!
dodger_sister: supernaturaldodger_sister on August 30th, 2013 12:08 am (UTC)
I do have to see 1944 Dean though, that season might be worth it just for that. I'm surprised I've not seen it on tumblr already. Might have to do some searching for that!!

Try searching '1944!dean' on Tumblr - it had so many posts tagged with that that it has become its own tag, like if you just type in...'1944!' - then it will supply you with the suggested tag of '1944!dean' because it has so many hits under it. (things I discovered today!)
shell_77shell_77 on August 20th, 2013 08:15 pm (UTC)
Sam didn't kill his teenie-bopper girlfriend's mom; his teenie-bopper girl friend did cause her mom was gonna kill Sam. ;o)
shell_77shell_77 on August 20th, 2013 08:16 pm (UTC)
Amy only killed 'bad' people to feed her ailing son.
shell_77shell_77 on August 20th, 2013 08:20 pm (UTC)
Cas 's alias while he had amnesia was Emmanuel (he walked buck naked outta that water/lake area and Daphne (Emmanuel's wife) found hium wandering around and being the good Christian she is took him in and married him.

Cas can't hea Sam of the crazy but he takes Sam' craziness into himself which is why he is now in a mental ward with Meg as his nurse.
Ironlily - Making My Marquevikingprincess on August 21st, 2013 01:42 am (UTC)
Just one thing wrong. It's not Amy. It's totes Kaylee. :D
dodger_sister: jayne cobbdodger_sister on August 21st, 2013 11:17 pm (UTC)
Just one thing wrong. It's not Amy. It's totes Kaylee. :D

LOL You have NO idea how hard it was to type 'Amy'! I had to look it up, first of all, because my brain just kept supplying "Kaylee" and I couldn't remember her stupid name and even then, it was hard to not just call her 'Kaylee'. It's her name, dammit!
Ironlily - Making My Marquevikingprincess on August 22nd, 2013 02:11 am (UTC)
I hated that they killed that character off. Honestly, if Sam were as much of a bitch as Dean keeps accusing him of being, Benny wouldn't have lasted two episodes... because Sam would have staked him.
Trigger Warning: Lifematchboximpala on August 21st, 2013 02:43 am (UTC)
I need to copy and send this to a friend of mine. Who will laugh and laugh.
dodger_sister: smirkdodger_sister on August 21st, 2013 11:19 pm (UTC)
I need to copy and send this to a friend of mine. Who will laugh and laugh.

lol Thank you! I like to make learning fun!

I printed a copy for my sister to read and she busted out laughing straight away, right when Cas says, "Let me right my wrongs, dude."

Thanks for the love, babe! <3