dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Dreaming in Fandom...

So, last night I dreamed I was reading fanfic where the author's first language was NOT English. So it was partially me reading it and partially it actually happening, only everyone talked in weird broken English that sounded like the author was German.

In it, Kirk and Spock and Chad Michael Murray were aboard what I am assuming was The Enterprise. In the dream, I knew it was going to turn out to be MPreg, but I didn't know who would be the Mpregnanted one.

Spock was all pissy and raised eyebrows at Kirk for making friends with The Chad. And so Kirk and Chad went off together and approached this boy, who I can only assume was going to be the unlucky (or maybe lucky, depends on how you look at it) carrier of their spawn. Now, wait for it, cuz the boy!hooker!Jensen - all like young and Eric Brady looking (which is totally my sister's fault for having the long discussion with me about the various stages of Jensen's becoming-of-a-man like right before bed last night) - and anyway, I literally jerked awake with my brain screaming "space!hooker!Jensen, WTF?"

Relax, Lipton, I'm NOT writing it as fic. Even that was too weird for me.

In other news, saw The Cousin's choir concert on Wednesday and while it was an hour and half of other people's kids singing - it was worth it to hear her because OMFG, dude, what fifteen year-old should be legally allowed to sing like that? It was un-fricking-real, dude. And her friend, Little J (most adorable boy in the world) totally made the piano an extension of his body like some bizarre robot-melding thing and he rocked the guitar pretty hard too.

Then today, I saw my niece's ballet recital. She's five. She was pretty decent considering she's five and has only been dancing for like four months. She was especially good at the jumping, that girl's got bounce. The outfits were adorable. Mostly, the little kids were cute and a few of the older kids were quite good and sadly, were seriously held back by everyone else being not good. Yeah, I take dance way too seriously. But, there was a cheerleading number, with lifts. And some good music that I meant to look up for mix purposes but seem to have lost my playbill.


Off now, to hopefully have more dreams with Chad and Captain Kirk but not so much with the space!hooker!Mpreg.
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