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The Little Girl Cousin Is A Fangirl!

So, first, let me explain my family dynamics a little. I have double-cousins. Two brothers married two sisters (as in, my dad's older brother married my mom's younger sister). Mom and Dad had four kids - aunt and uncle had four kids. And we were practically raised together. There was a lot of "you take the girls tonight and I'll take the boys," or "you take the older set and I'll take the younger."

So, we were all pretty close growing up and we joke that our DNA would surprise a CSI guy, if we were ever horribly murdered by each other.

So, I consider this girl my niece, but on the off chance I ever actually talk about my Canadian brother's kid in this LJ, we'll just call her the Little Girl Cousin (not to be confused with The Cousin, who is a girl, but is fifteen and thus not little.)

The Little Girl Cousin is six.

She is having a sleepover in our living room tonight with The Nephew and every other word out of this kid's mouth is "Avatar"

Avatar, Avatar, Avatar.

"Oh," I said, "I've only seen the first four episodes. I just started it."

"No, not that Avatar!"

"I know which Avatar you mean. I have it in my room."

/Little Girl Cousin rolls her eyes/ "No, not the one with those blue people and the trees. I mean the good Avatar! With Sokka. I love Sokka. He's my favorite. Do you know Sokka?"

Then later, she asks if Atreyu from The Never-Ending Story is a girl and I said, "No, he just has pretty hair. Doesn't he have pretty hair?"

"Yeah. Like Spencer from ICarly. He has pretty hair like a girl."

Then later, she sees my Supernatural stuff in my room and says, "Hey, you like Sam and Dean?"

"Yes, I love them."

"Me too. They're cool with like demons and all kinds of stuff! Hey, you have Harry Potter too! And Batman!"

(It's not like she's never been in my room before, lol.)

Anyway, I usually buy something for her older brother when I go to SPN convention, but I think she's old enough now to get her very first Sam and Dean t-shirt.

I was also told by her older brother that I need to hurry up with his season one of Avatar, he's "gonna need that back real quick". Ten year olds, sheesh.

PS - Does it bother anyone else that the RockBiter in The Never-Ending Story is made of rocks and yet he eats rocks too? Isn't that cannibalism? In a children's movie? Just sayin'.
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