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Tumblring & Shipping - They Are Verbs.

So, Tumblring is going pretty well. I don’t like it quite as much as I thought I would, but I mostly think this is a balance issue. I used to just scroll random tags while I watched TV, in a leisurely way. Now I’m like, “Should I ‘like’ this or ‘reblog’ this?” and I have to think about it. I just need time to get my rhythm. It’s also really weird to blog like 8 things a day. I mean, it takes like 90 seconds to reblog, but still, it’s weird to see how many posts I have when I am used to LJ. It just takes some time to get used to, I guess. It took me awhile just to get over my anxiety about getting one in the first place, so I suspect it’ll take me awhile to get comfortable there. (I have weird anxieties about weird things. Don’t even talk to me about getting an AO3 account. It’s in my processing data bank in my mind but I am nowhere near ready for that one).

It is a great look inside my head though. I started on Hobbit Day and then I reblogged some things on a friend’s blog plus I was in the Bob’s Burger tag for a quick second and then I followed the day’s trending tags and then I was watching NCIS: LA - so it kind of went like 5 hobbit things (2 of which were my original content) and then one for Pacific Rim, food, Peter Pan movie, Buffy, Bob’s Burger, Sleepy Hollow, baby photo, Cas gif and then like 6 various things for Jim Henson’s birthday and about six NCIS: LA things. So if you were wondering what the inside of my head looks like…there you have it. And that’s me being restrained. I already got like half a dozen likes and a couple reblogs though. My hobbit images got a couple reblogs even!

Okay, let’s talk TV.
NCIS: LA - I can’t even with that show right now. OMG. First of all - Sam, that’s Deeks’ job and he’s a goddamn professional and fuck you, cuz he’d pay that price all over again - that’s what partners do. Also, omg, I used to hate Deeks so fucking much when he first came on the show and now he’s my boo. I love him and I hurt for him and it was beautiful and I will now clutch him to my chest. I know a part of it is wanting to see Kensi get some action, cuz hot damn that girl, hot like hell, but I need Kensi/Deeks like burning. I hate cop-type shows that have partners or team members hook-up, it pisses me off so much - but I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE SO HARD - and that should tell you how much I ship them because it goes against all of my principles!

Agents of Shield - As per usual, the lead is my least favorite, but even so…I still really liked him, which just means I liked everyone else a whole lot. COULSON. I don’t even have words. What do they mean ‘he can never find out’? WHAT DID THEY DO TO PHIL?! Also, as my sister said, “Gunn, you were always a superhero to us.” I kind of felt like crying every time J August was on screen, just because I missed him so goddamn much. Ming Na being all “won’t take Coulson’s shit’ was awesome and I really like the van-girl (or as my sister called her, ‘New Faith’). New Faith is quite awesome and the only downside to how awesome she is that I was holding out the slightest hope that we might get Darcy Lewis on here someday (when she is available, of course) but New Faith kind of fills that role. Fitz-Simmons are adorable and everything about everything was awesome. The pilot didn’t blow me away but it was really, really good and solid. I really like the way they gave them a bad group to be chasing after, as well.

Alright, off to catch up on more things!
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