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Down And Out, But Eventually Back In The Game.

So, any of you who even remotely pay attention to sports, have heard by now that my beloved Detroit Tigers are out for the year. Boston took the ALCS and are in the World Series now and we’ve gone home. We were having such a good run, each game being so close, and that last game, I really thought we had it and then the fucking last couple of innings just slammed us. But, that’s the end of the season, so onward to the next. I also have like no interest in the World Series this year. Usually I can say I have a preference for who wins, but not this year. Because Boston just kicked our ass in the ALCS, so I don’t want them to win. But St Louis kicked our ass back in the 2006 Series, so I don’t want them to win. And I can’t even root for an underdog because they have both won 2 Series in the last decade, so it’s not even like, “Oh let’s root for the team that hasn’t taken one in 20 years.” So, whatever, I’m out. On the upside, it’s much easier to keep up with my TV watching now.

I will also say, in a fangirl manner, how squeeful I was when Tori Hunter went over that wall into Boston’s bullpen (well, not that itself, that was bad) and the Red Sox put everything aside to check on him and bring a trainer over to look at him and someone went out and opened the gate to the bullpen so Austin Jackson could get in there and check on his boy. Like, competition aside, this is a human being who just took a major fall and tumble and I was so happy to see them jump on looking out for him like that. But I’m not surprised I enjoyed that - I get a fangirl thrill when the catcher’s mask comes flying off and the dude in the batter’s box for the other team runs over and fetches it for him. Or when someone makes a great diving catch and even the dude who just got called out because of it, has to clap for him because it was such an awesome catch. It’s like watching actors from competing shows joking around with each on red carpets and shit - it makes me happy.

In other news, I am still feeling under the weather. I was sick (and I’m not sure that virus isn’t still lingering) and then I took the trip to Chicago (totally worth it) and then I had my Awesome Time of Month (why is this still necessary?) and now I’m just like, blah. My stamina is way, way down, I think, is the main problem. I can get an hour, maybe two, out of myself each day and that’s about all I have. It comes and goes and I think the worst part is not being able to plan my day because I don’t know how I’ll feel from hour to hour. Decreased stamina happens when I’ve been so ill that I am literally laid up hardcore from it, which I was with that stomach thing. Because laying around for more than one day is really bad for me, I lose my energy levels so quickly. But if it is still going on by like the end of the first week of November, I’m going to get some labwork done, just to be sure.

Anyway, this is only the 6th time I’ve posted this month, which kind of shows where I’m at healthwise, but also, I dunno, the change in weather is kind of bumming me out too, I think. I like Fall, I actually really do, but the rapid change from 80 degrees to the 50s basically overnight must be having an effect on me. I’ve noticed I haven’t been around LJ as much, so if you were wondering, that’s why. Hopefully I’ll be back up in the saddle soon.
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