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Ficage In September, 2013.

In September I wrote the Faith/Teen Wolf fic that I was so scared to write, but ended up really loving. Also, more Leverage fic - (I was in a mood, Hardison needed a little PTSD - it happens). Also, I started my X-Files Halloween fic, but with how I’ve been feeling here in October, I’m not sure I’ll get it finished in time. I’m debating dropping it and turning out something much shorter for Halloween, but I need to decide soon.

Here is my approximate word count for the month of September.

September, 2013
Week One: 600 words of Teen Wolf Family fic.
1,100 words of Faith fic.
Week Two: 5,850 words of Faith fic.
Week Three: 250 words of Faith fic. Completed. (already posted!)
850 words of Leverage fic. Completed.
Week Four: 1,550 words of X-Files Halloween fic.

10,200 words written in September!

Lending A Hand - Evil!Hand Fic. The Lindsey/Cas/Dean fic that both poured out of me and was a struggle and a half to write. (it’s hard keeping track of all those penises, okay!) This fic will always hold a special place in my heart. I mean, come on, Lindsey’s evil hand slaps Dean on the ass and he gets a threesome out of it! What’s better than that?

Dude. You've Got Some Artz On You. - Actually, some wallpapers (John & Sherlock!) and some icons (Matt & Ben!). It’s like an overload of besties being besties together!

Last one! Again, sorry for the spam. Having these up here is so much easier for keeping track of my weekly/monthly/yearly word counts and all that.
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