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22 August 2010 @ 11:02 pm
I Think I'll Move To Australia  

Both The Nephew and The Little Girl Cousin took showers this morning, so by the time I got up to shower, the bathroom floor and the bathmat were already wet. By the time I got out of the shower, the floor was so wet, it had leaked through to the basement. Somehow, I got lectured about it. I guess because you can't lecture a four year old about his shower.

Then we found out the Tivo wasn't working. We unplugged it and let it set. That didn't help. So the sister went online and did their trouble-shooting. None of that helped. So she called the Tivo company. They walked her through a bunch of stuff, but none of that helped. "It's just so old, ma'am. We don't even make that model anymore. Would you like to upgrade? Oh no, we're sorry, that won't be compatible with your Comcast box."

Comcast has screwed us again. They sent us this box that they said we have to use or our cable won't work. It's not the Federally Mandated Upgrade to HD or whatever that everybody had to do. It's just some thing that Comcast came up with that, as far as I can tell, has done absolutely nothing but make our Tivo work all wonky like. Comcast kept telling us that we just needed to get their DVR, but we already have Tivo and a Tivo subscription and I swear, they just made us hook up this box thing so that no other Tivo/DVR would work but theirs.

And now that our Tivo is broken for good, it looks like we might have to get their stupid DVR. I am pissed because they've been telling us we have to buy their DVR, so of course, I don't want to buy their DVR. Way to take the choice out of the customers hands there, jack-asses. I vote we get the new Tivo, if it doesn't work, we still have 30 days to return it. But that's a lot of hassle, so I don't know. Either way, my half will be about $100 and that's about $100 dollars I don't have to spend. No new clothes to wear for my photo ops at convention this year, I guess. (But still, convention, so I guess I'll shut my mouth about that).

Either way, I just lost my "Josh Holloway is in prison in an orange jumpsuit" movie that I recorded and hadn't watched yet. The Midwest Regionals of the Little League World Series. Enrique Murciano's CSI episode (he did two of them, so I was saving it until the other one re-aired so I could burn them to a DVD together - and damn him for being on shows that conflict with Supernatural, cuz you know I love him but not as much as I love Supernatural!)

And most importantly, and frustratingly, I lost the last ten episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. It was down to the last six people and they were all my favorites (somehow none of the people I had been cheering for had gotten eliminated yet, which was going to make the last episodes I had to watch, real nail-biters for me). But now they are all gone. I'm gonna look to see if I can buy them on Itunes, but I highly doubt it.

I'm so pissed off. Oh and the NCIS:LA episode where the Dominic storyline got resolved, which I missed the first time around and was looking forward to finally seeing.

I know the Tivo was like six years old, but come on, it's all my life blood and shit. I needs it! And I wants my So You Think You Can Dance episodes. And if the new Comcast DVR doesn't let us transfer to our computers, I will be so fucking pissed off! I was so depressed, I skipped my workout and just drank an extra Mountain Dew and ate chocolate chip cookies.

Then we had to go to my dad's for his birthday. Which sounds fine except my dad's house smells. I mean, really. I get a headache after about ten minutes inside there. And my dad is depressing, how much he has just let himself go, how he doesn't take care of himself. The Nephew and his parents were also there. I like my sister-in-law, we get on great, except when my brother is with her, because she and my brother constantly bicker with each other and say nasty things to each other, even at my dad's birthday dinner. (which may explain the serious problem The Nephew is having with tuning things out, I think it's how he deals around his house, just tuning it out.) And my brother insists on talking about all of his loser friends at great lengths and then is affronted if we say we don't know who he is talking about.

My dad was happy though - except for my Canadian Brother and his family, all of my dad's kids and grandkids were there (oh and except for the "Adopted Son" because apparently he's in jail again). I guess if my dad was happy, that's all that matters.

Except my head hurt and I was exhausted and I opted to block out the stupid conversation my brother was carrying on about how James Cameron's Avatar and Michael Bay's Transformers are the best movies he has ever seen (and I ignored that except for catching my sister's attention long enough to mouth the words "dogboy" at her.) I was busy playing Dinosaur with The Nephew - even though I was still exhausted because he and The Little Girl Cousin were awake until 1:30 in the morning last night, until I finally separated them. Also, I had to take them on two different bathroom breaks in the middle of the night, the last one at 3:30 am, because if I didn't get up and take Little Girl Cousin, she would have peed all over my sister's couch and that's where I do my workouts, even though apparently, I'm never working out again, I'm just going to eat cookies!

And now my head still hurts and I feel dirty and smelly and gross from being at my dad's but I can't shower because the bathmat is still wet!

And I think I'll move to Australia.

Except then, instead of having to do these family things in little bits all spread out, I'll just have to come home for two weeks every year (from Australia) and do the family things all lumped together at once.

And then, you know, have a brain aneurysm.

In Sum: For my Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day - I want recs for fics with animals. No, casiedearestfic, not Werewolves. I mean, like, Jared runs a rescue shelter or Dean and Sam find a stray dog. Help?

Thanks, people. I'll be in Australia.
(Look up the number)tringic on August 23rd, 2010 04:03 am (UTC)
aww, you poor baby.... I'd cry if my vcr broke, seriously, cause then I'd have to stay up until two AM every day...

Anyway, fic with animals you say? *grins* remember I told you about the kitten stories? cause you never replied to that post (um, this one) - but anyway; does Sam AS a kitten work? I promise it's totally cute.... go on, READ IT! :P

(and if you like it, I'll look for the kitten!christian fics for you, okay?)
dodger_sister: ben-leg-montana_rosaliedodger_sister on August 23rd, 2010 04:18 am (UTC)
Right? And I lost things, like if you came home to watch your vcr tapes and the machine had eaten your whole week's worth of TV. That's what it's like. And it's sad and I need a sugardaddy to buy us a new Tivo machine! :(

You know what - I DID reply to that post! But for some reason, as I was typing up the very last paragraph in the epic comment of epicness - the screen flitted away to some other screen and when I tried to get it back, everything I had typed was gone! So I went to bed and watched Avatar the cartoon instead of re-typing it. And then, see my above post, for how things went with the sleepover last night. Later this week, baby. I promise ;) I still love you. (It's just Misha is really into this cartoon show right now and he keeps asking me to come back to bed and how can I say "no" to that?)

Anything with kittens and/or Sam as an animal is awesome (and omg I can already tell you I wants Christian as a kitten because that idea is so squee and absurd that I already love it!)
(Look up the number): JL-snaptringic on August 23rd, 2010 04:58 am (UTC)
yeah, we got a new vcr about a year ago & then when I went to play my old tapes the image was totally screwed - some issue with recording speed - so we lost quite a few movies

lol, I really don't keep up with who and what and when & whatever fucking day of the week it is anymore - i'll get back to that in a week or two - so sometimes I become impatient :P sorry. And disappearing comments? I know those & they just kill your brain, don't they? *sigh*

Anyway, I finally found the kitten!chris fics & they're not exactly what I expected, but... entertaining nonetheless. There's three that are grownup chris/steve (1, 2 & 3) and 3 au of the same verse, where chris is a toddler (1, 23)
and better times are coming still.13chapters on August 23rd, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)
Have you read _mournthewicked's Finding Nemo J2 AU?
dodger_sister: ben-leg-montana_rosaliedodger_sister on August 23rd, 2010 05:45 am (UTC)
I have not - I went and looked and I think you mean "adventures in puppysitting" - Jensen knows how to have fun. That isn’t a crime. But when all that fun gets him into a sticky situation, he knows it’s about time to grow up. It shouldn’t be too hard. All he has to do is find Nemo.

I love it based on the title alone. I'm gonna go read it now. Thanks! :)
que_divertidoque_divertido on August 23rd, 2010 01:03 pm (UTC)
This is indeed a horrible, terrible no good very bad day
I have a TiVo that's older and I never, ever use it. Do you want? I'd be happy to send it along..
dodger_sister: ben-leg-montana_rosaliedodger_sister on August 24th, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
Re: This is indeed a horrible, terrible no good very bad day
I have talked it over with baylorsr, and we have decided to just go with the Comcast DVR (even though they are fuckers and I hates them!). We appreciate the offer though (Baylor sends along big thanks and asks how you are doing because she is lame and never reads her friends' list anymore - what, she's my sister, I'm allowed to call her lame!) ;)

Anyway, we appreciate it, but we talked about how awful the Tivo has worked ever since Comcast made us hook-up their "useless box that does nothing" and like, half the time it doesn't change the channel to record, or it changes to the wrong channel, idek wtf. But I think any Tivo will just end up doing the same. Anyway, the Comcast DVR is free and it only costs $7 a month to subscribe, so I DO get new clothes for convention this year after all! The only downside is you can't transfer to your computer from the DVR. That was almost a deal-breaker for me, but the FREE-ness of the Comcast DVR won out in the end.

So, thanks a million, but we have given in to the evil hell dimension that is Comcast.
liptonrm: misc apocalypse-dakingirlliptonrm on August 23rd, 2010 03:14 pm (UTC)
You know I'll hook you up, baby.

I am, as I am typing this, downloading the last six episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. I will also be happy to dl those episodes of CSI and NCIS:LA that you need, as long as you give me episode numbers/titles (well, for the NCIS:LA, that is, I can probably look up Enrique's eps on IMDb).

I am very sorry that the little ones kept you up until all hours. And that you had to go to your dad's birthday party and listen to your obnoxious brother. WTF, Avatar and Transformers are the greatest movies? How did you even raise a boy that wrong in the head?

Poor Nephew having to block out his parents' bickering. And poor you having to stay up all night during the sleepover to insure that nobody peed on the couch. You know, we joke about it a lot but having Little Girl Cousin actually do it would've been very Not Good.

How about I come down tomorrow and bring you your tv shows? That is, as long as you still want/need them. =D
dodger_sister: ben-leg-montana_rosaliedodger_sister on August 24th, 2010 02:19 am (UTC)

I WILL MAKE SURE MISHA GIVES YOU WHATEVER COUNTRY YOU WANT WHEN HE TAKES OVER THE WORLD!!!! (omg, he's gotten so complacent about that, someone needs to beat that boy into action, sorry, tangent.)

Anyway, um, yes and thank you!!

When I separated Little Girl Cousin onto the couch, I forgot about her new tendency to pee the bed. And then I remembered at like 3:30 am with like a jolt, "omg, she's gonna pee on the couch!". Plus, you know, the least I could do for the sister, since she's the one who had to get them both up and ready in the morning.

IDEK How The Fuck the boy that I fucking raised thinks that James Cameron is a god. You know what was the best thing James Cameron ever gave us? Jensen Ackles. Which he had nothing to do with at all. And you know, it's a dogboy! (Which turned out, because Kevin Durand is awesome-sauce and he and Jensen had amazing chemistry, to actually be the second best thing about Season Two). So. What was my point? Oh yeah, all the alcohol has ruined the braincells I so carefully nutured in that boy. The kid who was reading Victor Hugo at 14 of his own free will - now thinks that Avatar and Transformers are the best movies ever made.

Oh and - NCIS: LA "Found" and Imdb only has one CSI with Enrique listed "Coup de Grace". I specifically remember a few months after that one aired, there was another one and Tivo listed it as an original airdate of new. But, as Tivo has done me wrong in the past, and IMDB never has, I shall trust IMDB (which means, hey, I should have just burned it when I had the chance.) I also checked my SYTYCD eps and this is what I was set to watch next "Season 7, Episode 14: Top Seven Perform".


Now what can I do to reward you for your awesome-ness? Don't answer that. I already know.