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Rats, Danny Williams.

I promised you guys some of my art awhile back and look at me deliver! Because it’s Hawaii Five-O night, so I thought I’d share some Danny Williams. I probably hadn’t touched my art supplies - (outside of the kids’ craft box) - for 3 years-ish. And I hadn’t used colored pencils in a decade. I actually don’t even own colored pencils, this was done with my mom’s set. But I was working on something else and I finished up and had a half hour to kill before therapy, so I was flipping through my stack of resources - (magazine pages, coloring book pages, odd clippings and some children’s books) - and found an old Charlie Brown book and thought I’d try to sketch something out. I thought about which characters in my many fandoms might look good in that style. It took less than 30 seconds for me to settle on Danny Williams because, well come on, look at the man - he basically is Charlie Brown. And his body type is perfect for it. I hardly had to change anything - broadened the shoulders a little, pumped up the hair and put him in a tie - Bam. It’s not perfect and I’m terrible as an artist being nit-picky over my own work - a hundred times worse than with my writing - but it’s cute, like Danny Williams and Charlie Brown. And it helped loosen me up for the next project. It’s like learning to ride a bike with a marathon right around the corner - I just have to keep pushing through until I’m flying again.

Rats, Danny Williams - dodger_sister

Rats, Danny Williams - dodger_sister

In other art news, I was asking The Nephew a bunch of questions about what his superhero team - from the book series he is writing - looks like, in great detail, because I was thinking about trying to draw them out for him for Christmas. I have since dabbled in the style I wanted to use and quickly remembered why I don’t do cartoon/comic strip style very often - I am terrible at it and I get easily frustrated by it. But apparently I have to do the drawing for him anyways, because that kid is too damn smart for his own good and he somehow picked up on what I was asking him those questions for, because yesterday he told me, “Don’t forget, you’re suppose to be drawing me a picture of my superhero team.” /throws hands in the air/ I explained to him how hard I am finding the style, but promised that I would try my best and would definitely write him the Avengers crossover story he asked for, at the least. Genius kids can be such a pain in the ass - how did he know what all those questions were for?! My boy.

That is all.
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