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13 November 2013 @ 09:17 pm
Hello. Hi. How Are You?  
Every day I swear I’m going to be productive and then I am not productive. I didn’t even write last week. But I caught up on comments this week and today I arted for an hour, so maybe tomorrow I’ll actually tackle the 20 tabs I have open. On the upside, I am feeing better than I was. Still tired and low on energy, but less hot flashes/vertigo/shakes, though my stomach is still weirdly out of sorts. My brother convinced me to try yogurt, says it has helped both him and The Nephew with their stomach issues. I fucking hate yogurt though. I choked down about half of one and it was gross. I don’t like the texture - it’s weird!

My sister got me a UV Lamp and I got the okay from the eye doc to use it, though I have to wear sunglasses while I do - (if you are thinking about getting one but have had eye problems, it is recommended that you get approval first). I tried it on low for ten minutes - which is the recommended trial run. I got this funky taste in my mouth (weird) and I felt like I had downed an entire root beer, in a bad way. I had to go lay down, but after about 30 minutes I felt better, except I spent an hour with the worst headache ever. (UV Lamps are also not recommended for people with bipolar/mania issues, because of that sugar-rush feeling). I may keep trying the UV Lamp, just going to drop down to like 2 minutes or something and see how that goes. Idk about the yogurt - it was really gross! My primary care-doctor is sending me for labwork of my thyroid and cholesterol. I just wish my energy levels would go back up. I used to do All The Things and I miss it.

And Big Buddy had to go to the vet because he was peeing everywhere and it stinks in my room, even though my sister has cleaned the floors thoroughly many times since. When the heat kicks in, I can smell it so bad. My sister wants to clean my floor 100% with the anti-cat stink stuff, which is going to give me a killer headache, so it better fucking work! Anybody got any other suggestions for how to get the smell out? Anyways, Buddy & Roo had health panels run and they both are in pretty good shape for a couple of 14 year old boys - (Roo’s lost weight but that just means he’s finally down to a normal cat size). Buddy got a shot for the UTI and they found a sore in his mouth - (probably why he drools on everything) - so we had that removed. I was really nervous, since they had to put him under and he is so old, but he came home and seems to be doing well. It did really strike me though, how old they both are.

In happier news, I forgot to share with you all about The Nephew’s Halloween costume. He was Return Of The Jedi Luke Skywalker, in the all black, and he even called here to ask us which hand to put the glove on because he wanted to be 100% accurate. And he insisted that his baby sister be Leia. I said, “She’d make a good Yoda, cuz she is so tiny,” and he said, “Yeah, but Yoda and Luke aren’t siblings. Like we are. And like Luke and Leia are.” Valid argument. His Halloween kind of sucked though because they don’t really live in a neighborhood-area and it was raining and his friend got hurt - (she fell down and her vampire fangs went up through her lip). Next year Halloween is on a Friday and we are hoping to do steam-punk vampires, so we told his dad they should just come in and trick-or-treat in our neighborhood and then leave The Nephew here to help us pass out candy and spend the night!

Anyways, this is me checking in. How are all of you?
dodger_sister: sickdodger_sister on November 17th, 2013 09:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I am feeling better than I was so that's something. It's just the up and down swings are hard to manage, but I feel better having just seen a doctor about it and knowing that apparently, even though I didn't realize it, my liver doctor has been keeping track of my sugar levels. (of all the things people suggested might be going on with me, early on-set diabetes seemed to fit the bill the most). I knew they watched my white blood cell counts and my liver levels every month, but apparently they also check my sugar and red blood cell levels and those are all normal, so no anemia and no diabetes! That made me feel better just knowing that.