dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Like I Need An Excuse To Post Pictures Of Chad...

But if I did - how about "It's his birthday!"

That works for me.

Also, yeah, I didn't post pictures of Misha on his birthday, but that's because I made a pic-post of Misha like the week before. How many pictures of Misha with a monkey do you people need?

And, I still don't know why the icons I make always come out fuzzy and/or pixelated. I miss my old photo program. But look - I finally made an icon of Chad. Yes, it says exactly what you think it says.

My icon is a prime example of what to expect in the rest of my post. Pictures of Chad coupled with my ridiculous commentary, as told from Chad's POV.

You have been forewarned.

Now, let us take a look at the many years of Chad Michael Murray -

Sure, I'll smile for the camera, but how much am I getting paid, mister?

Did you say "spread my legs farther"?

I'm just a poor, cold boy on the streets - you know you want to write fan-fiction about me.

Who am I waiting for in the back of this truck wearing this shirt? Highest bidder? Maybe.

Look at my crotch, ladies. Then explain to me why I'm wearing this shirt.

Then explain to me why I'm wearing these pants. I'm so confused and conflicted about it.

Yes, I was the twink in your gay porn.

More, you say?

You want me all grown-up? K. That better?

But in case you forgot, I'm still kind of a douchebag.

And/Or in a boy band.

But I did grow up nice, yeah?

You know you want this. Judging by how close my hand is to my crotch, I think I kind of want this too.

You can lick me, if you like.

Sssshhh. It's okay. I won't tell.

I may have started out in gay porn but I'm still a Hustler, after all.

Did you enjoy that? I know I sure did.


Okay, Dodger wants one more.

Now go away. It's my birthday. Time for alcohol, strippers and hookers!

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