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Merry Christmas, Ya'll!

Hello all! Quick update - Feeling better cough-wise, not 100%, but finally got someone to take some action on a treatment for me. Body is failing me due to many days in bed and inactivity - very bad for the arthritis. Boo that, but it'll stretch out as I get back on my feet, I think. Hoping to maybe get to see The Hobbit some time in the next week, as I haven't felt well enough to go yet. (it's driving me up the walls not to have seen it yet!) Missed most of the family holiday gatherings due to sickness, but other than missing the kids (and not getting The Nephew's project finished) I was mostly okay with staying home for that stuff. Did attend a small fraction of the extended family gathering and that is a whole story unto itself. Also have some therapy stories for you and hopefully my sister will relay enough of her trip this weekend to see The Hobbit with The Nephew for me to make a post on that. I did not get around to Christmas cards this year, but I bought them, so I'll save them and try again next year!

Anyways, I was going to put up pictures of Zippo, The Christmas Queen, for you all, as I did that over on Tumblr, but LJ doesn't seem to want to let me upload any new photos to my scrapbook. Anybody know what's up? It offers me my all-ready made scrapbook albums or a Dropbox option (for which I do not have an account) but no 'upload from computer' or whatever. What's the deal, LJ? So, until I figure that out, it means I can only post pictures I already have loaded. Which I guess means I just have to spam you with every Christmasy picture I have in my scrapbook! Enjoy!

Christmas Tree 2012-sideways
Our Christmas tree from years past!

Cookies by me and my mom!
Cookies by me and mom - 2012-02-sideways Cookies by me and mom - 2012-01-sideways

Angel ornaments made by my sister!

Ridiculous ornaments my sister has given me over the years!

Roo and Papa Bear, under the Christmas tree!
Roo Christmas 2009 Audrey aka Papa Bear Christmas 2009

And a West Wing Christmas card I made!
Christmas TWW Holidays-dodger_sister


I hope to be back around these parts by the turn of the year, fingers crossed and all that. I just haven't wanted to push myself, but I miss you guys muchly. Hope you are all well and that the holidays treated you splendidly, as you all deserve it!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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