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Pimpin It For A Good Cause This Time

So "Vortex Productions" is the name liptonrm uses when she puts together books of fan-fiction over on CafePress.

You can see her Vortex Production page here. Check it out, see her work.

She started doing it as gifts for her friends. Then she started offering the service for charity auctions (her most recent work was for help_haiti.)

Now she's offering up her services for help_pakistan.

Her work is outstanding. I've gotten my hands on fan publications before, but hers are by far the best I've seen. I look forward to the day I have my fiction organized enough to have her do this for me. And if you don't want all of your own fics put together in a book (or you are a reader, not a writer), you can have all of your favorite fics you've read over the years all together in one place instead! (with the authors' permission of course.)

Check out her bid thread here

Or go to help_pakistan and see what else there is to bid on.

Other people on my flist who are offering things:

caera1996 is offering Star Trek Fic.

13chapters is offering A Fic and A Handmade Scarf.

Fated Cinderella from over at fatedcreations is offering A Fan-Vid.

EDIT: dugindeep is offering Big Head Icons. She's offering what? Go look at her bid page and see her Big Head Jensen Playing Soccer Icon - it's Jensen's giant head on a little body. It's like a bobblehead in an icon. I, myself, am terrifed of bobbleheads, because I think they are going to eat me. But if you like bobbleheads, you'll love her icons. She's offering up to five Big Head Icons

Anybody else? Got something to pimp for help_pakistan?

Bidding time is almost up.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go look at pictures of Jensen.
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