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Ficage In October, 2013.

Yeah, about to spam this on you, because the end of the year is coming up and I am putting together my tally. October was the beginning of me being sick, but I still was running high from breaking 10k for four months in a row, so apparently I was trying really hard to hit that mark again. Still, I didn’t do too bad. 8k is acceptable for any month, let alone one where I had some nasty stomach virus. This is also the month I started my first Criminal Minds fic ever! And I worked on two different Halloween stories, though The X-Files one never got finished.

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

October, 2013
Week One: 1,350 words of Criminal Minds fic.
Week Two: 1,100 words of X-Files Halloween fic.
Week Three: 1,050 words of X-Files Halloween fic.
Week Four: 2,000 words of X-Files Halloween fic.
Week Four & 1/2: 3,150 words of Avengers Halloween fic. Completed. (already posted!)

8,650 words written in October!

The Art Of Making Friends - Fic For Kids, or more specifically for my nephew, who suckered me into writing him a back-to-school fic, but told me it could be about anyone I wanted and I wanted Spiderman. And Iceman. Being bffs. Also, poor Iceman has had to deal with some serious anti-mutant hate and navigating a whole new school (much like The Nephew was doing at his new school). Loads of fun to write and make art for - adorable superhero friendship, you guys. What’s not to love?

So October seemed pretty successful, all in all! Of course, at the end of this month I looked at my WIPS folder and realized it was bigger than when I started the year, so tackling that had to come next.
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