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Ficage In November, 2013.

So, clearly, I gave myself some leeway on being sick this month because I missed three entire weeks of writing in a row. It’s the first time I haven’t written at least 500 words in a week in almost two years. November also seems to be the lowest word count I have had since I started having weekly word goals back at the beginning of 2012. I was sad about it, even though I know some of my energy in November was spent on arting, so I was at least doing something with myself. Still, I buckled down at the end of the month and decided if I couldn’t meet the 1,000 words per week goal, I could at least meet the 4,000 words per month goal. Which I did. At the same time that I finished out two WIPS - (my first Criminal Minds fic in the bag!) - and worked some more on that Jeff/Jensen PWP that’s been sitting on my hard-drive forever. (It’s taken a weird turn from my original intention).

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

November, 2013
Week One: 0 words.
Week Two: 0 words.
Week Three: 0 words.
Week Four: 2,050 words of Danny/Martin fic. Completed.
800 words of Criminal Minds fic. Completed.
1,150 words of Jeff/Jensen PWP.

4,000 words written in November!

The Door To Nowhere - My Halloween fic from last year, starring Darcy Lewis, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark and kick-ass Pepper Potts. But seriously, Darcy, don’t go in the basement! I enjoyed writing it immensely and for the first time in years, did not get overwhelmed by all the plot. Not for people who don’t like horror though, since it gave me nightmares to write it.

Don’t Wanna Be A Lion - A Leverage fic of fluffy cuteness in which Parker randomly wants to snuggle with Eliot and Eliot insists he is nobody’s damn teddy bear! Even though, let’s be honest, we all know he is. Especially when it comes to Parker. My first Leverage fic and Parker & Eliot were the most fun to write. Some characters just make it all worth while!

Two WIPs off the checklist! (I had left Danny & Martin smack-dab in the middle of sex for more than a year on that one, so I feel good finally giving them some closure). December and then done!
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