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Ficage In December, 2013.

Well, I had bronchitis in December, so it’s no surprise that I churned out my entire word count in the last three days of the month. And, even medicated, that was no picnic. It’s either going to be the greatest PWP sexy times I have ever written or it is going to make absolutely no sense whatsoever. We shall see. Still though, I am happy to have put out any words at all these last few months. Plus, for the record, I worked really hard on The Nephew’s art project this month, even though that didn’t get finished either. Oh well, I still hit my mark!

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

December, 2013
Week One: 0 words.
Week Two: 0 words.
Week Three: 0 words.
Week Four: 0 words.
Week Four & 1/2: 4,050 words of Jeff/Jensen PWP.

4,050 words written in December!

Bao Bei, It’s Cold Outside - Firefly, Mal/Jayne, from the prompt ‘reasons to have sex - it’s cold outside’. In which the heat is off on Serenity and everyone seems to have paired off to keep warm and Mal has to swallow his damn pride and go to Jayne's bunk. Things get interesting after that. Mal should let the ship break down more often. Also, because it’s Mal and it’s Jayne, a little bit of power struggle going on under the sheets (or on top of them, as the case may be) and while a total challenge to write, I rather like how it turned out. My first NC-17 Mal/Jayne fic!

The Night Before Christmas, Winchester-Style - In which I warp the classic Christmas poem and add some colorful commentary from Dean. Not so much a fic, but still highly amusing.

And that, ladies and gents, rounds out 2013! Time to go add up my grand total!
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