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Happy Valentine's Day, Yo!

I swear, I kept spacing that today was Valentine's Day. All week long. I invited C over for movie night for tonight and then was like, "'s Valentine's Day on Friday?". I would remember and then forget - idek what's up. I usually get my mom to run to the store for me and pick up something for my sister, but Mom has been super sick all week and the cool aunt who sometimes takes me shopping is in Florida for the winter, so I felt bad but I couldn't get my sister anything. She went and got herself some chocolates (and some for me) but then they turned out just to be milk chocolate hearts and she wanted the assorted mix-n-match kind (those are my favorites too), so I gave her some money to run out tomorrow and get us ridiculous amounts of discounted chocolates to stuff ourselves with all weekend long. Good times! I also have run out of printer ink, so I had to email her the card I made her, but she really loved it. She's been talking like Jesse Pinkman all night, worse and worse the later it got in the day! So I thought I'd share the card with all of you.

The card I made my sister.
Valentine Jesse Pinkman - dodger-sister
And this video I found and sent her along with the card, of a montage of Jesse saying 'yo' a lot.

The box of chocolates she bought me.
Someecards VDay
Why yes, we are dorks.

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