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23 February 2014 @ 08:17 pm
This Is My Brain On Angel. And Lost Girl.  
Last night, I picked out something to put on in the background while I Tumblred - (what? It’s a verb!). I felt like some Angel and season 5 is my favorite, so that’s the route I went. (The first episode of Angel I ever saw was a s5 and when I actually started watching the show from the beginning, I was like, “Wait…where’s the boardroom? Where’s Ghost!Spike? Where’s the hot lawyer guy?!” But then, I watched s1 and got really into Doyle and didn’t want to watch after his whole thing, except I knew if I stuck with it, I’d get back to that awesome season that I had thought was the show all along, and of course, obviously, I am very glad I did). Anyways, I did NOT get anything productive done on the internet because the disc I picked started with a Lorne episode. From Lorne’s Awesome Fabulous Halloween Extravaganza to Angel & The Mailroom Guy Fight Monsters to Wesley’s Dad Is A Robot to Angel & Spike And The Quest For The Mountain Dew. I can’t look away during any of those episodes, okay!

S5 reminded me of how very much I friend-ship Spike and Gunn though. (or, Charlie, as Spike calls him). I always wanted a good fic about the two of them off on a roadtrip-quest of some kind. Which reminded me of how my sister says someone needs to write a Lost Girl fic about Hale & Kenzi off on a roadtrip-quest, but then when Vex came along I very much wanted Vex in the backseat of the car for that. I actually really friend-ship the hell out of Kenzi and Vex and I want both that Angel-fic and that Lost Girl-fic and one that is a crossover where they all meet up on the road. And maybe one where Spike & Gunn stop off to visit Aidan, Josh and Sally and get into trouble with those idiots.

With Vex I want kind of a Chipped!Spike thing, like having Vex kind of neutered a little bit, to the point where he needs Bo’s protection or something. So then Vex has to move in with them. And also, now they have teenage!adult-Tamsin - (it’s a thing, being a teenage-adult) - and Kenzi kind of needs a second pair of eyes to keep track of those two idiots, so Big Bruce there moves in too - (which he kind of has to stick with Tamsin at this point anyways) - and so Bo, Kenzi, Vex, Tamsin and Bruce all live together and run the private detective agency. And then Lauren has to belong to someone, cuz she’s human, so Dyson takes her - (which I kind of like their interactions with each other when they aren’t fighting over Bo) - but Lauren should just be neutral and open a clinic for all the Fae and she and Dyson - (and possibly Hale too, sure why not) - live over the clinic and Hale goes back to being Dyson’s partner and then we either get over that whole Dyson-Lauren-Bo love triangle thing or else they just like go full-on threesome on that shit and then Dyson, Lauren & Hale all go over to Bo’s for sexy times and Bruce, Tamsin and Vex are all left sitting on the couch watching the E! channel while everyone else is upstairs getting it on, except that one time Vex tried to hit on teenage!adult-Tamsin, but Bruce put a stop to that real fucking quick. So then they have a couple of cops, some PIs with varying degrees of powers and maturity, a doctor and of course, Trick and his HQ of the bar and they all just solve the Mystery Of The Week and give each other makeovers and eat pizza and shit.

I don’t know if that’s a fanfic idea or what I really want to have happen on the show. But there you go, that’s all the things I was thinking about while falling asleep last night.