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Master Builders!

We babysat The Niece and Nephew Wednesday night, while their parents went out to dinner. My niece does this adorably cute thing where you ask her for ‘nuggles’ and she puts her head right up to yours and puts one arm around your neck in some weird hug/snuggle combo. It's too cute. Also, she kept giving my mom her little toy balls and then my sister would ask, “Can I have one?” and The Niece would give one to my sister and then immediately take it back and give it to my mom and give my sister this sly little smirk like, ‘I tricked you!’. She totally knew she was making a joke.

So I played with The Nephew and first we watched trailers for movies we are excited for; the new Godzilla movie, How To Train Your Dragon 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. Then we ate dinner while we listened to the Lego Movie soundtrack that my sister downloaded for him. Also, my mom brought over over mini-chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles for dessert! And then we played Legos.

The majority of the imagination in our game came from The Nephew. I was building a boat, to sail across the ocean in and it was my idea to connect all the boats together, but the rest of this…it’s all him. This is what happened in our game:

The shipbuilders were building a boat to sail across the ocean, when they heard screaming on the island and called the police. The police couldn’t find anything. So the shipbuilders hired security to protect them. Alfred showed up and said that Batman had fired him. Then Batman stole a horse from the shipbuilders, trampled a man with it and ran away. So the police naturally thought Batman was the murderer. But then Alfred got beheaded and they realized that Batman would never kill Alfred, however far off the reservation he had gone. But the police wanted the security guard to investigate it all, because he had a jet pack and the policeman did not. But the security guard said his job was to protect the shipbuilders, so he hired a private investigator to look into the killings on the island instead. The PI said it was Benny - (from The Lego Movie) - but then it turned out Benny had an evil clone and he was the one beheading people. In the meantime, the ship was finished and the people decided to set sail to find a new land where there were no murderous evil clones. More people kept showing up, begging to go with the shipbuilders. Some had their own ships or boats, but they got worried about being separated in the case of a storm and lost at sea, so they started connecting all of the ships together. But the Warrior Knight wouldn’t come with them, even though he helped build the boat, because he wouldn‘t leave his horse behind. So they built a place for the horse to go too. They were even nice and said the policeman could come along, even though he had refused to investigate the murders, but his police car would not attach to the side of the boat, because his wheels were in the way, so they all really hope he didn’t get lost at sea. There were some people who refused to leave the island and come to find new lands, even though the evil clone was still on the loose, but they were nice enough to come to the docks and see everyone off on the journey.

Have some pictures of our awesome boat!

That's what I did on Wednesday.

The Nephew’s parents showed up just as we were ‘setting sail’, but my sister took pictures of our ship for us. I think Vitruvius and the Master Builders would be proud. That is my nephew’s imagination at work there!
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