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So, I have this friend, lizibabes. She is pretty fucking awesome. To earn a little extra money - just enough for a movie now and then or a night out to dinner - she has tried a few things. For one, she makes some cool jewelry - a lot of it is steampunk design! She also started self-publishing on Amazon. I’ve bought a few of her stories. It’s M/M Romance and once she even got a male friend of hers to pose for a cover. He is not unattractive, in the least. I made her graphic sets of both her jewelry and her book covers to help her promote her stuff on Tumblr. You can see both the sets under the cut below. I found I really enjoy making these kinds of graphics!

LJHamlin Books
Her Amazon book page.

LJHamlin Jewelry
Her jewelry on etsy.

Then, earlier this year, she let me know that a publisher had contacted her and asked her to participate in an anthology they were putting together. An actual publisher. In an actual book. I am so proud and happy for her! Isn’t it the secret dream of most fanfiction writers, to be able to call yourself a ‘published’ author? And my girl did it! And it's a 'Men In Uniform' anthology, on top of it all!

So here’s my promo of her story - Nurse Levi by LJ Hamlin and the Men In Uniform anthology. Nurse Levi is about a nurse and an injured firefighter. If it sounds at all like it might be your cup of tea, give it a read! Give a little play to our fangirl sister in arms! Thank you for your time and rock on!
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