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Bagginssssssses! And Stuff.

So I kept meaning to put this up, but I am lazy and lame, so I hadn’t yet, but you guys, check it out, baylorsr podficced “Baggins’ Books” for me!! Yes, I did actually write the story for her birthday. Yes, she technically podficced her own present - but that’s how she rolls, yo. Actually, she likes to podfic all of her very favorite, favorite fics just for herself - (and sometimes a copy for The BFF) - to listen to in the car. She commutes to work and has daytrips for conferences and trainings, so she likes to listen to her fav fanfics during those car rides. The fact that she liked Baggins’ Books so much that the very next weekend she sat down and podficced it, is actually hugely flattering to me. I am psyched. She also podficced Apocalypse! Alien Asteroids for me too, back when. I am adding the link to the story post as well and maybe possibly posting the link to the Hobbit fic comm I belong to. What do you guys think - should I put the link up at the comm as well?

Baggins' Books podfic here!!!!!

Other than that, I am exhausted after therapy today. I am back with Guy Therapist, whom I love, but man I forgot how brutal he is. My shoulder made inhuman noises. Damn. So I'm going to bed a little early tonight. Gonna try to do some writing tomorrow. I just started an AU fic for a friend that hopefully won’t become a massive undertaking. I hate when I think a fic will be 4k and then three weeks later I am still working on it and it is suddenly 10k and counting! I like to type the words ‘The End’ every once in awhile, man.

Lastly, I have a new show rec for ya’ll - Finding Carter. It’s on MTV and is about a girl who was abducted at 3, raised by a loving mom (her kidnapper) and then at 16 is discovered to be the missing girl and returned to her real family. The shock and jolt of it is a bit much for her to take, obvs, but I really like, despite her resistance to her ‘new/old’ parents, how she kind of bonds with her siblings. Also, Alexis Denisof is her birth dad and that should be reason enough for you to watch it. It premiered last week, so if you search for it now, you can probably find the two hour pilot and DVR it real quick. New episode on Tuesday, I think. Check it out!
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