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As All World Turns - This Is Sunset Valley and Summer Lovin' recaps

Yep, it's that time again - but it's been soooo long, I thought a recap might be in order. I did a re-watch of the season thus far and there are some things I think I failed to mention to you all.

So, here are some things you know and some things you may not.

Um Dodger, what the hell is this?


Episode One - This Is Sunset Valley

Tara lives happily with her wife, Willow. Tara also works as a chef at a five-star bistro.

Xander lives happily with his wife, Anya. Xander also works as an astronaut <--ikr.

Snake protesters gathered at City Hall, including The Evil Djinn and the town Witch. You'd think they'd be all for snakes. Hmm, maybe they aren't as evil as we think.

Cordelia Chase gets outed at work as a lesbian. But it's Sunset Valley, which turns out to be the gayest town ever (literally and figuratively) so no one cares. So, then she started a lesbian relationship with a co-worker.

Misha Collins moved in with his boyfriend, Richard Speight Jr. This couple makes my heart squee!!!

At Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters (XSGY), Pete and Artie started a romance. I'm sorry, but Pete could crush that kid with one hand. It's like watching a romance/sexual relationship between Sam Winchester and Ruby the Demon. <--sorry, that's a different fandom. (I suppose it was all sweet how they held hands and blushed at each other though.)

The Evil Powerhouse Couple, Edward and Bella Twilight had a daughter, Jaime. OMG, that's so wrong!! I'm so concerned, they keep licking their lips every time they look at her.

And something that doesn't make sense, even for a first episode where we don't really understand everyone yet - Rupert Giles moved in with Genevieve and Jason Teague. Um, Giles, I know I just started watching this show, but I'm pretty sure Genevieve is evil, having a sexual relationship with her son and killed Jason's last girlfriend. At least that's what I've gathered so far.

Unemployed and friendless, Chuck Shurley visited the neighborhood pool.

And the police brought home Charlie Mulvaney.

Episode Two - Summer Lovin'

Unicorn protesters gathered at City Hall, including Scott Summers aka Cyclops. What's up, Scott? We all know you love Unicorns. Just come out of the Unicorn closet already!

At XSGY, Kitty Pryde started dating Dakota Fanning. And Elle Fanning, the school's resident firestarter, moved out and in with her boyfriend, Charlie Mulvaney and his family. While Jubilee started dating Paul Mulvaney. And Will Mulvaney (What? They're Irish, they are a lot of Mulvaneys!) moved out of his clearly over-crowded family home and in with his girlfriend, Marie aka Rogue, and her father, Logan the Wolverine. Bold move, Will. I think this whole Mulvaney/XSGY storyline is to bring in the summer viewers of middle school, high school and college kids who have too much free time on their hands. Good thing it's just a summer show, or they'd have all these teenage characters and nothing to do with them come fall.

In other news, Castiel has developed a crush on Adrienne Palicki. She's not in to him, to which I say - What is wrong with you, A? He's clearly the cutest guy on the whole show!! I mean, look at him. He's so earnest about his crush, it's adorable. Plus, he'd be totally hot out of those clothes, y/y?

And then we have Jensen Ackles looking for love through a dating service. His roommate, Jared Padalecki, who is gorgeous and all big and shit btw, is all "Hey, Jen, play some video games with me, man," and Jensen is all, "In a second," and I'm all "Uh, Jensen!!! Turn off your stupid internet dating service and look behind you! Duh." But maybe that's just me, we'll see what fandom has to say about this. I wonder if I will be the only Jared/Jensen shipper out there.

For some reason, that I still don't understand, Evil Councilman Mark Pellegrino moved in with Karen and Dodger Walker, at their mansion. What, are they funding his evil political career? Karen and Dodger need to get sober before Mark uses all their money to do eeeevilll things.

Oh!! And Jaime Twilight, the baby, has just disappeared! Edward and Bella claim they never even had a kid! What, do they think we are stupid? They totally ate that kid!!

And Misha and Richard moved in with the Evil Krusty the Klown. Dude. Ewww. You don't think they are sleeping with him, do you? Ewwww.

Unemployed and friendless, Chuck Shurley went fishing.

And the police brought home Frannie Mulvaney - no surprise, this one is a crazy little shit.

That's enough for now. I can't stop thinking about how awesome it will be when this fandom really takes off the ground and we can have fan-fic memes and a newsletter and big bangs and videos and omg, get on this fandom, Peoples!!

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