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27 July 2014 @ 03:38 pm
Are You Spontaneous?  
I never would have thought The Canadian Brother was spontaneous. I mean, he was when he was younger and freewheeling and single and got on a bus and went to NY to make it big in the music industry, but these days, with a wife and two kids (ages 3 & 4), a dog, a job and a mortgage...yeah, not so much with the spontanity. But I returned home from PT on Thursday evening to find a phone message from him that said, "So, uh...TCWife might be starting a new job and we looked at our money and we really can't afford it but if she starts this job, we won't be able to visit until next year, so...uh, if it's okay with you, then we will get in the car tomorrow and start driving and be there sometime on Saturday."

So...The Canadians are here!!

I don't know which is a better way to do it - I mean, if you tell me ahead of time, I have time to get stressed out about how exhausting it will be. But if you tell me at the last minute, I won't have time to get rested up and save my energy. I told him it was fine, except that on Monday I have to take a trip to the university hospital to see a new pain specialist and I was like, "When the kids wake up on Monday morning, you get them right the hell out of the house. I need every bit of energy I have to get through those hospital visits and I can't have the kids waking me up every on the hour screaming and running around." He laughed like he thought I was joking but he did say they'd get out on Monday morning. Other than that, I guess it really did work out okay. They told us a month ago that they had planned to come the first of August. but couldn't afford to lose the money from TCWife's unemployment by leaving the country for a week, so it would probably like 95% not happen and not to tell anyone, especially Mom & Dad, that they were even thinking about it. So, I guess we kind of had a warning. I actually think this worked out pretty good, but what a surprise, my brother being spontaneous!

We had actually already planned on having The Niece and Nephew for the day on Saturday, while my brother was doing some work around our house for us. We'd planned a picnic lunch at the park and then got some sand art to do on the back patio with the kids - we just had to keep them out of the house and out of my brother's hair. The Canadians had arrived by lunch on Saturday, so we all ended up at the park; Mom, her dog, Sister, Canadian Brother, TCWife, TCNiece, TCNephew, TCDog, Me, The BFF, Little Brother, Wife, The Nephew & The Niece. I can count on one hand the number of times my family has all been at the same place at the same time in the last decade, so this was actually a real treat.

Anyways, I should get this posted and hide the IPad before they all get back from the Detroit Zoo. The kids are gonna wear down my battery on this thing, I swear!
dodger_sister: familydodger_sister on August 10th, 2014 09:07 pm (UTC)
When I said I write they didn't seem that impressed and then my mum told them I was published (she's very proud)and they seemed shocked. Like they'd already decided I didn't have a life, that I couldn't do anything.

It's such ableist bullshit - (sometimes the 'ableist' tag on tumblr makes me feel better and sometimes it just gets me riled up, but you should check it out sometime). I get this kind of reaction more from people in my RL than just medical people - like, "Oh it's so nice of your little friend to take you out to dinner," and they phrase it like my friend is doing me a favor, like it's impossible that they just enjoy spending time with me, like it's such an extra burden for someone to take me anywhere or like I never get out of the house or something. Ergh, ableists. (Awesome that your mom is so proud of you though!!)

I've never been as brave as you, and told a doctor I write gay erotica. Maybe I should just to see the look on their faces.

In general, when people ask me what I do with myself, I just tell them I write short stories and am involved with a writer's forum online, which is good enough for most people but the social workers always press for more details and it always seemed like I was withholding information, so eventually I was just like, whatever, and told them the truth. I once even explained fanfic to a young doctor and she was like, "OMG, so there are stories to go with my favorite show? I have to go find those immediately!" I actually haven't gotten a lot of questions about my social life since the gay erotica explanation though, now that I think of it!

I hope my email wasn't too rambling

Nope. And I just hit you back with what was suppose to be a quick note on Tumblr and that got kind of rambly too! I am excited about this project!!!!!!
lizibabeslizibabes on August 12th, 2014 07:13 pm (UTC)
Some people suck, and they are blind to real life to. I mean there are varying levels of disability/health issues, and different people manage to do more or less with what they have. One person in a wheelchair will be house bound, another will be a gold medalist. Some people don't seem to get that everyone's limitations are different, not to mention good days and bad days ect.

But abelists like that should get a punch in the face, they have no idea of real life in my opinion.

I do the same, a general, I write, I share it with people and hope it'll end there. But over the years I've got more comfortable with telling people. All my close friends know what I write and my close family. But sounds like a good way to shut up medical types of people, the nosy types who pester us about our lives.

Got your message, it wasn't too rambly either. I've been looking at all sorts of materials. I think I could come up with some really pretty things *hugs*