dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

When I Dream, I Sail A Ship.

It's like I'm dreaming fanfic, I swear.

Last night I dreamed about Spike, Dawn & Angel.

Spike kept finding these needles everywhere and realized that Dawn was shooting up. So he confronted her and said, "I get it, I do. I've been known to do this shit from time to time. But it's not gonna kill me. Dawn, this shit'll kill you. You're human." She was so angry at him and confrontational, so he went and got Angel involved. Eventually they convinced her to go to rehab. It was quite apparent by then that Spike was in love with her, based on his great level of emotions and that fact that Angel called him out on it. While she was in rehab, Spike went to visit Dawn and it was like this slow sort of falling in love, except that Dawn was still kind of a mess. Also Spike moved in with Angel so they could be a better support system for Dawn, and Spike was just so anxious and freaked out all the time that Angel decided to help him relax, which led to sexy times. They carried on quite a bit as the dream went on and Angel was actually really sweet to Spike. And then at rehab visitation, Spike and Dawn finally got together and did the deed as well.

Except when she got out of rehab, Dawn decided to move away. Her mom was moving and she thought it would be best to get a fresh start and go with her. And then she basically told Spike it was okay to let her go. And all of three of them, Angel included, were very emotional and then Angel decided what they needed to do before she left was to have a threesome. Idek, but thankfully there was at least some fade-to-black in my dreams because Dawn is always a teenager in my head. Then there was like a montage of Dawn and Joyce packing their things, with like the poignant moment of her taking photographs off the wall, and Spike watching her and Angel watching him. And then she kissed Spike goodbye and hugged Angel and left.

And then Spike was all sad and Angel said, "So, I guess we're done too? Now that you don't need to live here anymore." And Spike literally shook his head and chuckled and said, "You are such an idiot," and then grabbed Angel and kissed him.

The End.

Yep. That was my dream. I was sad when I woke up that it wasn't a real thing that had happened because it was so sweet - everyone was so sweet and in love. And then I thought how it really came off like a fanfic, except who would write a fanfic where Dawn was a heroin addict? IDEK, but it was glorious. My dream gave me a lot of feels, okay!
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