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So, I'm finally ready to discuss finale...

I've rewatched and have absolutely no coherent thoughts - but here, let me ramble anyway.

Let's see, if I can do this ljcut thing without looking like an idiot.

01. Sleeping Angels are the Adorable-est!

02. The car, the car, the car - notice how the last two big final conversations Sam and Dean have together are on the car/in the car. Oh, Impala, how I was sure you were going into The Pit with Sam. I'm so glad you didn't.

03. I want a black t-shirt and on the back I want a map of Michigan with just Detroit highlighted and the words "The Devil is in Detroit" and maybe on the front in teeny-tiny letters, the words "End of the World Starts in Michigan".

04. When Sam says "yes, sir" to Bobby - nothing coherent to say there except, omg, dude.

05. The look on Castiel's face as he watches Sam say goodbye to Bobby - and hey, I know you're an angel and all, Cas, but you know, you've been a little bit human for awhile now, would it kill you to hug a guy?

06. How is Jensen so heart-breakingly pretty and such a damn good actor? Scene when Lucifer takes Sam and then disappears and leaves Dean standing there.

07. When Castiel tells Dean that it has started and Dean is all snippy with him, Cas says "You don't have to be mean" and looks away, so a) Castiel, you don't have to stay in an emotionally abusive relationship and b)omg, Dean hurt Cas' feelings.

08. Dean's broken voice when he says that Sam doesn't have to die alone.

09. And oh wait, I forgot how when Lucifer and Sam are mirroring off with each other, is it wrong that given a choice, I would rather lick Lucifer, cuz I so want to.

10. Which leads me to, when did Adam/Jake Abel get so hot? Holy shit. Why is everything Michael does hot? If Michael is that hot inside young John and Adam, can we all just imagine for a second how hot he would've been inside Dean? My angel-perving knows no bounds, cuz, dude, I'm kind of disappointed they didn't just wrestle around for a bit.

11. But not that disappointed because instead we got Dean, oh Dean what a dork you are and yet, so pretty doing it. Was Jensen wearing eyeliner in that closeup shot inside the car in the cementary? This scene actually sums up the show pretty damn good - hot, brothers, car, rock music, creepy cementary.

12. Assbutt.

13. And then, yes, I did, I actually threw up in my mouth when Castiel's head exploded. And then I was still trying to keep it all back down, when Bobby got snapped and Dean screamed and then...

14. Say what you will about Kripke and The Team, but they know how to do their fans right, because seriously, the montage - I think the thing I liked the best was it didn't have music, just the sound of the wind whipping and the clunk noise and...yeah, I just lost coherent thought again.

15. The look between Sam and Dean right before Sam jumps - could only have been better if Dean hadn't been so mangled. Because seriously and also, so knew right at the last second, that Adam was going in with him.

16. Thought - just right now - Hey, the test for Sam and Dean was to choose family. So, then, did the Angels fail the test? Because they had a hell of a lot of infighting and they didn't seem to really pull it out at the last second like The Winchesters did.

17. The nod Castiel gives Bobby when he brings him back - oh my heart.

18. Am torn on the whole way things went with Cas, mostly because I don't know where that leaves him for next year. I know he's coming back, but uncertainty is not my strong suit when dealing. I bet we don't see him for quite a few episodes in the beginning when Season Six rolls around. Also, hey Cas, could it have killed you to not just abandoned Dean in the middle of a conversation without so much as an awkward arm pat? Dude.

19. OMG, Chuck is God. Which, yes, my sister told me to stop saying things like "Kripke is God", but I didn't expect that. Seriously, until the exact second he disappeared, I thought, Chuck sitting there at the computer all dressed up and then I thought Becky would come up behind him and wrap her arms around him, but then - yeah, genius, because I never saw it coming but I totally buy it.

20. Dean and Lisa - because he made a promise. And ohohoh when he cries in her arms and she doesn't even ask him, just takes him in and shushes him and...yeah, I like it. I loved the pull-back shot of the house. I had this thought --- "I'm good", and maybe if he said it enough, someday it would be true --- but it wasn't enough to make an actual fic out of. Also, I hope Ben doesn't get too attached, because a Winchester is not sticking around for long. Do you think Dean will let him help take care of the Impala?

21. The final shot of Sam - I think my sister is right, if this had been the series end, we wouldn't have seen that final shot of Sam. And I really wish we hadn't. It's my only major complaint (I didn't really think Cas would hug anyone and I guess it's no one fault but my own that I threw up a little) - but I really wish they had left it without the Sam-shot. For the summer. Because, anyway, what does that mean? Lucifer is in the cage, right? Is Sam? Was that like Sam's spirit or what? Is Sam back? Is he going to leave Dean to his apple-pie life, cuz, dude, he thinks you're in torture-land right now. Also, totally kills my thought process of like Adam and young John-Michael and Sam and Nick-Lucifer all trapped in a cage much like the one that comes with my Ewok Village and the demons keep passing things in for them , like Checkers and Battleship and a Nintendo DS but for some reason they only have one and they all fight over it all the time. I imagine they play Zombie BBQ on it. And maybe some RISK - but like instead of taking over Africa and Russia and stuff, it's the Heaven/Hell verison of RISK and they're all battling for The Kingdoms. Finally, yes, I said Adam, in Hell - because people - ADAM IS IN HELL! Dean, you're a douche. Do you not care? Does no one care? What did that poor kid ever do beside have the misfortune of being born a Winchester?

Whew, needed to get that out.

I'm good.

Now what do I do with my summer?
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