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Happy Hobbit Day!

It's September 22nd!! It's a double hobbit birthday! Our charming little heroes were born on this day. And as they are from my very first online fandom and such a huge part of my life and who I am today, I make sure to always mark the occasion! (I also started my Tumblr on this day last year, but mostly I did that just so I would never forget my Tumblr anniversary. While my LJ anniversary is on The Nephew's birthday, but that just happened on accident, though it certainly helps me remember both dates!)

In honor of this day, I found an adorable birthday celebration video to share with you all!

Because they never attack someone on their birthday! I mean, they're orcs, not assholes.

And a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Bilbo as well!

Hope you enjoyed your Hobbit Day, everyone!
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