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Weekend Update!

So, I had a good weekend.

On Friday, The BFF came down, after having been sick last weekend. We finally caught up on Arrow and The Flash. I am loving Arrow, except for The Thing That Happened, which was completely needless of them. But the rest of this season has been great. There were a couple of Felicity n Roy moments that were surprising and sweet and the Oliver/Felicity stuff had me squealing like a maniac. The Sister and BFF indulged me while I rewound a few times. The Flash is okay, not great, but the combination of my daddy issues and Jesse L Martin’s face/voice/everything will keep me coming back for at least a few more episodes.

Then, on Saturday, my sister had a wedding to go to, so The BFF and I got to spend some quality time together. Not that I don’t love my sister, but it’s nice to get The BFF to myself sometimes. We got my hair cut, which only took like 10 minutes and then, since we were right next to our favorite pretzel place, we went there. We also went to Target and bought All The Halloween Candy, Ever. Usually my sister just picks up two big bags of the assorted cheap stuff, but this year she is on a no sugar diet, so I told her I would take care of it. Our lowest count of trick-or-treaters was around like 50 and our highest has been 200+, so you never know how much you’ll need. But there is a program here in town, that any unopened bags you have after Halloween can be donated to be sent to overseas troops. So I figured, what the heck, and bought two bags of the cheap stuff and three bags of the good stuff. It’s all hidden in my room until Halloween. Then we went home and watched the Harry Potter marathon and spent like two hours talking about HP. After The BFF went home, I spent the evening catching up on TV and setting up my Mom’s new IPad. (I’ll tell you all about that soon).

On Sunday, we took Grandma to the movies. She is 89 and I am 36 and this is the first time I have ever gone to the movies with my grandma. Used to be, when she saw a movie she was interested in, she’d just tell Grandpa, “You’re taking me to that movie,” and he would. But recently she read The Best Of Me and loved it and wanted us to let her know when the movie came out. So when it did, we invited her to go with us. She’s been depressed a lot as of late, so I was surprised she actually ended up coming. Not being a fan of Nicholas Sparks in the least, I was also surprised that I enjoyed the movie and I cried during it and we told Grandma, “Why did you make us come to a sad movie?” while we all wiped our eyes. (I can tell you what part made me cry, if you’re interested, but no one will be surprised by it). Grandma went into a rant about how they had changed so much from the book and, even though the movie was good, it was too different from the book for her. It did have some hotties in it - besides Jimmy Marsden, it had Michelle Monaghan and Gerald McRaney - and those are all people I am highly attracted too. Then after Grandma went home, we gave Mom her new IPad and I called both my brothers and had good long conversations with them - (The Little Brother had called looking for a babysitter and The Canadian Brother had sent me an email wanting to talk about Gotham and Agents of Shield).

Sadly, today The Sister came home early from work with a nasty cold and I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like someone had stripped three layers of skin out of my throat. But aside from getting sick, a pretty nice weekend, all around. How were all of your weekends?
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