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Icon Hunting...

Look at Dean's smiling pretty face. That has nothing to do with anything, except it's nice to look at and now I shall talk about icons.

So, the other day I downloaded a couple Dark Alec, er Dark Angel, icons.

And then today the sister was all, "Remember when Alec and Logan hugged? That was awesome," and I got to wondering if anyone had an icon of that. Or any awesome Dark Alec icons they wanted to rec.

Or any Supernatural icons that make them think of "family" (cuz I'm uploading all my icons now that I have a paid account. I'm just doing them in order and I noticed I have several titled "family" from various fandoms but I need a decent SPN one.)

Or any that represent "family" at all from any fandoms.

Or any One Tree Hill icons.

Or Chad or Michael or Christian or Steve <--anybody got any Steve Carlson icons? or Jason or Gabe/Andy or Chad/Ash or Samantha Ferris. Josh Jackson. Aldis Hodge.

Or Magnificent 7, The X-Files, Life As We Know It, Kitchen Confidential, Firefly, The West Wing, Without A Trace, ER, Freaks & Geeks, Kyle XY, Hustle, Saved, Southland, The OC, The 4400, Boomtown, The A-Team, Psych, Lost. <--so basically, ANY FANDOM EVER, I think is my point here. Oh man, sorry, it's late.

Or any of the Scoobies from Buffy. I also noticed I am sorely lacking in Angel icons, from the show - specifically I love the bestest best friend animosity of Wesley-Gunn-Spike, and Angel/Wesley and how much Connor hates his gay dads. <--he does and you know it. Not because they're gay but because they are such dorks. I, myself, love dork-Angel. (Wait, are you telling me that Angel/Wesley aren't really a couple? Balderdash, I say.)

Band of Brothers (Luz! Malarkey! Skip! Nixon! Speirs! Lipton! HARRY! <--sorry now I'm just randomly shouting their names.)

Lord of the Rings. LOTRips. The Faculty. Star Trek. Ocean's 11. Narnia. X-Men. Zombies. Apocalypse. Bad Disaster Movies.


Basically, I just want you to do all my work for me, because I'm lazy. So for every icon you rec me, I'll rec you one back (artist name included, so you can go scout their livejournal after and feedback/steal/borrow/politely ask for more shit from them.) And, obviously, only from people who offer up their icons to the public.

Thank you. That is all.

PS: Sorry this was so random and full of babble, it is late and I had the longest afternoon ever. Children should not come in twos, it makes things twice as hard. ie, how the hell did I work with kids for ten damn years, I can't handle two for one afternoon.
Tags: crack my brain, dark alec is crack-goodness, fandom fun, i apologize to my flist, icons are shiny, rec me shit, scratch my back & i'll scratch yours, sleep now

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