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Fic: Halloween, Interrupted - Peter/Mary Jane, G, Fic-For-Kids, Holiday, Humor

My Halloween fic for the year. Someday I'll write another horror fic or maybe finish that X-Files story I started last year. But for now, a little Peter/Mary Jane fic, for your pleasure! 1,020 words.

Title: Halloween, Interrupted
Author: The Artful Dodger / dodger_sister
Fandom: Spiderman
Category: Fic-For-Kids, Holiday, Humor
Characters/Pairing: Peter/Mary Jane, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Mary Jane wants to go trick-or-treating. But Spiderman’s enemies just won’t leave him alone long enough.
Word Count: 1,020 words.
Date Written: 09/30/14
Disclaimer: Spidey & Co belong to Stan Lee and Marvel. I wrote this story for fun, not profit.
Feedback: Bring it. dodger_sister /
Beta’d: By vikingprincess, who always has my back.
Author's Notes: I was just trying to think of a little Halloween story to write and it seems fic-for-kids are the ones that pour out of me these days. Especially when about Peter Parker, my first true love. When I told The Nephew this idea, he said, “Uh, no,” and then demanded A-Next or The Power Pack Kids fic. Hey buddy, this fic isn’t for you! It’s for Peter!

Halloween, Interrupted - dodger_sister

"I want to go trick-or-treating," Mary Jane said.

Peter Parker looked up from cleaning his camera to see his girlfriend - and the only person who knew his secret identity as Spiderman - standing in front of him with her hands on her hips.

"I want to go trick-or-treating," she said again.

"Halloween isn't until next week," Peter told her.

"I meant next week," Mary Jane said, indignantly. "We need to make costumes."

"Aren't we a little old for trick-or-treating?" Peter asked her.

"You are never too old for candy."

"Okay," Peter said.


Peter came home the next day to find Mary Jane with a pair of scissors, a sewing machine and an old, fancy dress.

"I'm going to be a princess for Halloween," she told him.

"Okay," Peter said.


The day after that he found her smearing cardboard with red and gold paint.

"I've changed my mind. I think I'll go as Iron Man," she said.

"I'll be sure to tell Tony Stark at the next Avengers meeting," Peter told her.


On the third day, he found her trying to strap a pointed white horn to her head.

"Unicorn?' he asked.

"A pegasus unicorn," she said and held up the pegasus wings she had made out of tissue paper.

"Pretty," Peter said.


On the fourth day, he found her with duct tape, tin foil and several empty toiler paper rolls.

"What now?" Peter asked.

"Doctor Octopus," she said simply. "These are my tentacles."

"Dude," Peter told her. "Not cool. He's my arch nemesis."

"I know," she said and kissed his cheek, before going back to work on her tentacles.


He got home late from work on Halloween and Mary Jane was already dressed in her Doc Ock costume.

Peter had to admit, it did look pretty cool.

"Hurry up, Peter!" Mary Jane shouted. "We're going to be late for trick-or-treats."

Peter went in the bedroom and came out a minute later wearing one of his Spiderman costumes.

"What are you doing?" Mary Jane asked him. "You can't go on patrol right now. You promised to take me trick-or-treating."

"I'm going to," Peter told her. "This is my costume."

"You can't wear that!"

"Why not?" Peter asked. "No one will know I'm the real Spiderman."

"Huh," Mary Jane said, thoughtfully. "Okay."

So they went trick-or-treating, as Spiderman and Doctor Octopus.


Mary Jane and Peter went to fifty-two different houses. The best house gave them five whole candy bars. The worst house gave them a bag of crackers.

"Crackers aren't even candy," Mary Jane grumbled.

"Look at you," one lady said when they knocked on her door. "And here I thought Spiderman and Doctor Octopus were enemies."

"Not on Halloween," Peter told her and then thanked her for the candy - a very big box of Milk Duds, Peter's favorite.

Just then they heard someone scream.

Peter felt his spidey-sense tingling.

"It's the Green Goblin!" someone shouted.

"The real green Goblin or someone in a Halloween costume?" Mary Jane asked.

But then they saw the real Green Goblin flying overhead on his hover-board.

"Oh man," Peter groaned. "Guess I've got to go on patrol after all."

"I'll take your candy home for you," Mary Jane told him.

Peter thanked her, kissed her goodbye, and flew off on a string of spiderwebs to chase Green Goblin down.

It was serious this time - Green Goblin had interrupted Peter's trick-or-treats, after all.


When Peter got home - with half of his suit ripped and a broken finger from the fight - he found Mary Jane sitting on the floor with both their bags of candy. She was still wearing her Doc Ock costume.

"Here's your candy," she told him and handed him the bag.

"Thanks," Peter said and sat down on the floor next to her.

But when he looked in his bag of candy, there were no Milk Duds at all.

"Hey, where'd all my Milk Duds go?" he asked her.

"Oh, I don't think we had any Milk Duds," she said, then looked to the right, to the left, and then up at the ceiling.

"Mary Jane," Peter said.

"Oh, alright, I ate them all," she told him.

"Mary Jane!"

Peter got up and went to the wastebasket in the kitchen and there he found all the empty Milk Dud boxes. He couldn't believe she'd eaten them all.

"You can have some of mine, if you want," she told him and then grinned. "If I can have your Milky Ways."

"What?" Peter shouted. "No, you can't have my Milky Ways," and he shot his web toward his bag of candy, in an attempt to save his Milky Ways.

But Mary Jane used one of her Doc Ock tentacles to knock his candy bag out of the way of the web. Peter ran across the room and threw himself down on top of the candy bag. When Mary Jane tried to yank it out from under him, he grabbed her and started tickling her just above her belly button.

Mary Jane laughed and yelled as Peter kept tickling.

"Okay, okay, I give up," she said, gasping for air. "We can just share all the candy."

Suddenly their living room window exploded and blew into hundreds of tiny bits and then the real Doctor Octopus came jumping into their living room, standing on their coffee table and waving his tentacles around in the air.

"Doctor Octopus never shares!" he cried and grabbed both their bags of candy and jumped back out the window.

"Oh man," Peter groaned. "Guess I have to go back on patrol," and he kissed Mary Jane goodbye and flew out the window on a string of spiderwebs.

Mary Jane sighed. "Happy Halloween, Peter," she said to the empty room.

Then she reached under the couch where she had hidden some more Milk Duds and set them on the coffee table for Peter to have later.

Mary Jane went to bed, still wearing her Doctor Octopus costume and when Peter got home, he fell asleep next to her, still wearing his Spiderman outfit.

The End
Tags: art - fic, character - dr otto 'ock' octavius, character - mary jane watson, character - norman 'green goblin' osborn, character - peter 'spiderman' parker, fandom - spiderman & his amazing friends, fic - fic-for-kids, fic - holiday, fic - humor, fiction - mine, halloween is my fav holiday, pair - peter/mary jane, rating - g, word count - 1001 to 3000, written - 2014

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