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TV Talk!

I haven't talked about TV in forever, so let's give this a go! Because I've had a lot of Feels about TV lately. Mildly general spoilers, but nothing significant...

The Walking Dead - It was an entire episode about my two favorite people, Carol & Daryl! I think there are parts of it I will have to rewatch again, just cuz, I have a lot of feels! That scene in the safe house, where they were laying side by side on the bunk - they were just fucking teasing us! And the thing is, I don’t even know if I want them to get together-together. It’s one of those relationships that while I am screaming at the TV, “Omg, kiss already,” - although in this episode I really wanted them to just hold hands - I also don’t need them to kiss, because they are just perfect as they are. My sister said, “It really doesn’t matter if they get together in a sexual way or not, because they are together. Even if this is as far as it goes, this is them together.” And she is so right! And I still maintain that Carol did it on purpose to get inside the building and get a better look at what they were up against. She even said earlier in the ep, “What are we gonna be able to tell just from watching?” The other night I dreamed that I was writing a Carol/Daryl fic - “The Five Times They Didn’t Kiss And The One Time They Did,” and now I kind of really want to write it, but also I’m like, “I could never do it better than they do on the show.”

The 100th episode of Hawaii Five-O - My only complaint was that I thought it was going to be ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, whereas it ended up more of ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ - you know, “…and you were there, and you were there…” But I still loved it! I loled so hard at McGarrett having to strip off the layers though, but damn that man looks good. And the scene where they find Steve, omg, the way Danny’s voice breaks on it! Steve was fucking breaking my heart at the end too! I got all worked up over this ep, talking at the TV more than usual - (which is saying something since I talk a lot at the TV during this show). And the music video at the end? I literally said out loud, “Omg, why are you doing this to me? I love you all so much, you fucking bastards.” I have rewatched that music vid a number of times already, thank you very much.

Sleepy Hollow - My 2 favorite characters on this show are Jenny and Irving. And my 2 favorite relationships are the realistic sister relationship between Abbie & Jenny and the broship of Ichabod & Abbie. So this episode had pretty much everything I love the best. Sisters! And Irving getting back in the game! And, even though not a lot of the broship, what we got was adorable - Abbie tucking him all in and shit. My sister says it was her favorite episode thus far. It also had the perfect amount of MotW and Mythology mix for me. The whole Rosemary’s Baby thing is a fricking awesome storyline!

So…who wants to talk TV?
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