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23 November 2014 @ 03:10 pm
Art: The Marshal And His Mako.  
Last year I had this idea for a painting of Pacific Rim's Stacker Pentecost and Mako Mori. It was paint, which is my preferred medium, but it was a slightly different style than I had ever tried before, profile shots of them and all. But it ended up coming out really well and then it felt a shame to just drop it in the back of my closet - (there just isn't enough room around the house for everything I paint, so most of it gets gifted, if it comes out half decent at all). So, even when I was only about halfway through with it, I was pretty sure I would be gifting it to The BFF, who fans all over Pacific Rim and who introduced me to it in the first place. (I had like very little interest in seeing this movie at first, but she was so excited and dragged us along and I fucking love her for it).

So last year for Christmas I gave her a Pacific Rim Pack - the Year Zero comic, the movie on DVD, and this painting. I am just so lazy about posting my art here that it has taken me almost a year to get this up! Anyways, here is a scan of my piece...

The Marshal And His Mako.

The Marshall & His Mako - scan - dodger_sister

The Marshall And His Mako - photo 01

The Marshall & His Mako - gift pack

After seeing Mockingjay Part 1 yesterday, I have the urge to do some Hunger Games pieces now. Maybe I'll get some time tomorrow!