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It's Like Regular Poker, But In Space.

We went toy shopping this weekend, for all the nieces and nephews. I picked up my Toys for Tots donations as well. I have most all of my gifts picked out online, but I was a little stumped about the Canadian Niece. I had been going to get her a figure skating Barbie, since she is way into Barbie and has just started figure skating herself. But her dad vetoed it, saying 'no more Barbies!'. Apparently she has like 25 already. I asked her and she said, "Monster High!" but then told me she doesn't know their names and hasn't seen the movies. Her dad said it's just that her BFF is into Monster High. But I got to say, I think she might be a little young for that just yet. Then, at the Toy House, I freaked out with nostalgia in the dollhouse aisle, looking at all the Calico Critter stuff. That's the dollhouse stuff I had as a kid and the Toy House is where I used to buy it. So...I may have dropped $60 on a Calico Critter dollhouse for the Canadian Niece. And now I have to pay to ship it. Eep. But she's going to flip over it and now it will be a thing we have in common, that we both collect that stuff.

Anyways, at Toys R Us, my sister came across a Rocket Raccoon doll. He was too soft and cute to pass up - (though if she had, I was just going to go back and buy it for her later). She told the cats he was their new brother, which made Kirk insanely jealous. That night she sent me a pic of Rocket tucked into her bed. When I got up the next day, I found Rocket sitting in the highchair in the kitchen. So I decided to retaliate and got out my bb!Chewbacca doll and set him and Rocket up with a game of cards. But when I went to take a picture of it, Kirk wouldn't get out of the shot! "What is Chewie doing out of his bed? His is suppose to stay in Lady's bed! What is Lady doing with Mommy's new baby? He hates new brother but Lady is not suppose to touch Mommy's things!" I ended up just getting a bunch of shots of Kirk with Chewie and Rocket, doing what is clearly playing a game of poker together.

James T. Kirk, Chewbacca & Rocket Raccoon, playing a game of space-poker.
Kirk, Rocket, Chewie - Poker 01 Kirk, Rocket, Chewie - Poker 02

Kirk, Rocket, Chewie - Poker 03 Kirk, Rocket, Chewie - Poker 04
Kirk, Rocket, Chewie - Poker 05 Kirk, Rocket, Chewie - Poker 06
Kirk, Rocket, Chewie - Poker 08 Kirk, Rocket, Chewie - Poker 07
It’s like regular poker, but in space.

Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen?! So, who's actually started their Christmas shopping already?
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