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Happy Who-Giving!

For Thanksgiving this year, we are just going to my dad’s for dinner. My brother called executive decision on it, because they have both my mom and dad to deal with, plus his in-laws and his wife’s work schedule - (she works at Wendys and is a manger, but not the head-manager, which makes her days off not very flexible). So he declared that this year we are just doing Thanksgiving with Dad and Christmas with Mom. Dad doesn’t care about the actual holidays, he just wants to have a sit-down meal with his kids and grandkids. Mom, otoh, makes a big deal out of holidays and would freak if she didn’t get to have a Christmas celebration. So this seemed like a good compromise. I would rather stay home, but my sister says I don’t get pumpkin pie if I don’t go. Plus I want to see the kids and my sis-in-law is a pretty good cook. So there’s that. And then after dinner, Sis and I are coming home for Who-giving, where we just marathon Doctor Who all weekend long, in our pajamas, eating leftover pie. I’ve only ever seen a handful of episodes before and not in any order, so this will be quite an awesome weekend, in the end.

Anyways, I hope your Thanksgivings/Thursdays/weekends go well for you all!

Thanskgiving LOTR Lembas-dodger-_sister

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