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Important Notices.

Important Notice 1: For those of you who plan on watching TNT's new series, "The Librarians", starring Noah Wyle, Rebecca Romijn and Christian Kane, they are replaying the original movies (also starring Noah Wyle) this weekend. Sunday, the 7th, starting at noon, all three movies will air in order. I don't think it will be necessary to have seen the movies to watch the TV series, but if you are interested, the first movie at least is loads of fun. I've only seen the first one, but this time around I am recording and watching all three. Anyways, I know some of you were interested in catching the movies first and even if you don't plan on watching the new series, you should give the original movies a try. Noah Wyle looks like he had a ton of fun making them!

Important Notice 2: It's rhymephile's birthday!! The big 40! (Am I not suppose to announce that to people? Oops, too late!) Rhyme and I met through LJ, where I commented on a fic she wrote, in such obsessive crazy squeeful delight, that she friended me and I friended her back and we have been clutching each other and screaming about fannish things ever since. I awesomely got the chance to meet her in person last year (yep, still excited that we ate in what used to be an old Chicago fire-house) and she's basically the coolest fucking person. But here's a funny thing, like seriously, there was a brief period when we were talking online that I thought, "Does my sister have a sockpuppet journal, where she writes HS AUs, because I think I just accidentally friended my sister's sockpuppet journal." She is obviously not my sister, but still...I was actually really suspicious for a minute there! Anyways, Rhyme, babe, for your birthday, I am still working on that art project I started for you last year. (Still as in, I fished out the already finished bits and set them on my dresser. But I'll get there!) In the meantime, I thought maybe tomorrow, the forces of my life willing, that I might dig out an old X-Files fic (Krycek-centric , of course) and post it up for you, in your honor. Whaddya think?

Important Notice 3: FYI, if you are writing a Firefly fic and then try to send your brother an email immediately after, be aware that it is really hard to get out of Firefly-speak once you've started and your brother may end up side-eyeing your entire email.

That is all.
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