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Good News!

I don't have a cat icon, but here - Coach Robert Patrick is really excited about football - and I'm really excited about my cat's health!!

I took him to the vet today to get the growth looked at. It turns out it is just a mole (older cats get them sometimes). The doctor said they don't usually break open or get a sore on them like his did. I said, "Is it possible that say my sister's kittens were like - oh, what's this, let us groom you, gnawgnawgnaw?" And the doctor was like, "Yeah, there are other cats in the house, this is very possible. If you thought it was something stuck in his fur the first time you saw it, they probably did too."


He said that Papa Bear will probably get these growths as he gets older, but not to worry about it. And this one is healing nicely and isn't infected, so just keep an eye on it for now. I think Papa Bear has just been clingy to me lately because his back is sore in that spot. Also, all the cats have been on a diet and Papa has lost 3 pounds!!

The whole trip to the vet only cost me $60 and Papa was a very good boy the whole time.


Now I'm off to sleep (I didn't really do that last night - I kept having horrid dreams where I showed up to the vet and they said that I hadn't made an appointment and that they couldn't get Papa in for a whole week and I was sure he would die of cancer before then. It was a rough night.) So now I sleep.

Tomorrow I'll try to catch up on the shitload of comments I have to reply to, but I'm not holding my breath on that.

I have to do birthday for my mom tomorrow night <--she calls today to say she's inviting people, to my sister's/my house, to a meal my sister is making. Who does that? I don't know why I'm surprised. Last year my sister invited Mom to dinner for her birthday and like 8 people showed up - apparently Mom had just invited them. We'll see how many show up this time.

And then hiyacynth is coming for the weekend!!!! Am So Excited About This! And she's bringing her teenage niece, so fangirl corruption all around!

I think that is all.

Night, John-boy.
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