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Fic: Mistletoes - Gonna Get To Know You Better - PG, Jensen/Misha, AU, Fluff, Romance, Holiday

More Mistletoe fics! One more left to write, two more left to post! This one is for wolfrider89, who asked for Jensen/Misha! I think this may have prompted out my first college AU. I can't ever recall having written one before. Huh. Kisses, babe - Happy Holidays! 1,678 words.

Title: Mistletoes - Gonna Get To Know You Better
Author: The Artful Dodger / dodger_sister
Fandom: CW RPS
Category: AU, Fluff, Romance, Holiday
Characters/Pairing: Jensen/Misha, Danneel, Sebastian, Julie & CO.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Drunken college life.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: It’s the dorm floor’s holiday party and Misha has been planning ahead.
Word Count: 1,678 words.
Date Written: 12/26/14
Disclaimer: These dudes are not mine. I wrote this fic, just for fun. It’s the holidays, don’t sue!
Feedback: Bring it. dodger_sister /
Beta’d: Nope.
Author's Notes: Part of my Mistletoes ‘verse, all written as holiday gifts for my Flisties. I do believe this is my first College AU. Huh. Turned out kinda quick, so not my favorite of the bunch, but still hopefully sweet enough, and with my CW RPS OTP!
Dedication: For wolfrider89, who asked for Jensen/Misha! Hitting my sweet spot, babe! Happy Holidays!

Misha wanted everyone to enjoy the dorm floor’s holiday festivities, so he went about hanging mistletoe in everyone’s doorways. It seemed the logical thing to do.

When Sebastian - who was perhaps the laziest RA in the college’s history - saw the mistletoe, Misha scrunched up his eyes and said, “Is that okay? Or is it going to make people uncomfortable?”

Seb just shrugged and said, “Whatever. They can take ‘em down if they like.”

Then Misha went into his own room to get ready; which consisted of brushing his hair for ten minutes, rubbing coconut lotion on his arms and changing into his sweater.

The first person he saw when he stepped back out into the hallway was Danneel and she immediately busted out laughing.

“What are you wearing?” she asked betweens fits of giggles.

“What?” Misha asked, looking down at his red sweater with hand-sewn mistletoe all over it.

“Did you sew that yourself?” she asked and her cheeks were bright with color, whether from laughing or drinking Misha couldn’t say.

“I bought the sweater. I sewed the mistletoes. My grandmother taught me how.”

“Did she know to what nefarious purpose her teachings would be used?”

Misha shrugged. “She’s my grandma. She knows me.”

Danneel gave him a sidelong look - that said she either didn’t believe him or she was suspicious of his ulterior motives or maybe she was just a little unsteady on her feet - before laughing some more and heading down the hallway to meet her roommate.

“She forgot to mention how not subtle you are,” Sebastian said, coming up behind him and handing him a plastic red cup with a questionable drink it.

“Aren’t you suppose to be discouraging us from drinking? You know, as the adult here?”

“It’s college, man,” Sebastian told him. “My mother always said, there’s a time and a place for everything and it’s called college. Plus, I’d rather you did it here than out on the street.”

“Fair point,” Misha said and took a swallow, the drink burning of alcohol on the way down.

“So…”Sebastian said.

Misha stared at him, waiting for the rest of that sentence.

“It’s Jensen, right?”

“Uh…I’m Misha. Are you drunk already?”

Sebastian rolled his eyes. “I meant, you’re doing the whole crazy mistletoe thing because of Jensen, right?”

What?” Misha said and turned a violent shade of red. “No.”

“Your pants are emitting smoke,” Sebastian told him and then clasped Misha on the shoulder. “Good luck with that then, man.”

Misha decided it would be best to just disappear into a corner for awhile, but since the whole party was happening in a hallway, there weren’t really any corners to disappear into, unless he wanted to hang out by the staircase. Which is what he did.

It was a good view, if nothing else. He could see every drunken idiot from here, catch Richard prancing around in reindeer antlers and Matt slapping stickers of Christmas trees onto everyone’s foreheads and Danneel leading a group of freshman in a rousing version of Jingle Bell Rock.

He could also see when the gorgeous, introverted blond from across the hall - yes Jensen, okay, Sebastian had been right in the first place - emerged from his room, looking disgruntled, like everyone had disturbed his studies, even though midterms were over.

Misha was going to wait to make his move, didn’t want to seem too eager, but then Jason - Jensen’s charming goofball roommate - came out of the dorm-room behind Jensen, whispered something in his ear and pointed up at the mistletoe.

Jensen turned a delicious shade of pink, but didn’t pull away when Jason cupped his jaw and leaned in for a quick, sweet kiss.

Misha felt his whole stomach drop then. He should have known. He should have known Jensen wouldn’t stay single for a whole semester and of course he was interested in Jason - they both played the guitar and liked the same music and got along splendidly. Misha had been stupid to assume he’d ever had a shot.

“Ugh,” someone said next to him and Misha turned away from the horrid nightmare unfolding in front of him to see Julie standing there, glaring at Jason and Jensen like they were offending her sensibilities. Misha knew her well enough to know she didn’t really have any sensibilities, at least not refined ones, but that’s what she looked like anyways.

“He’ll kiss anything,” she muttered.

Jensen?” Misha squeaked, because that was so not the impression he had gotten of the man.

“No, Jason. He’s probably the one that hung all these mistletoes everywhere, just so he could go around smooching on the whole floor.”

“But Jensen doesn’t know that,” Misha told her, skipping over the part about who had really hung the mistletoe.

“What? That Jason will kiss anything? Uh, Jen has met the guy.”

“Yeah, but...he let Jason kiss him.”

“So?” she asked perplexed. “You’ll let Jason kiss you, when he goes in for it. You wait and see.”

Misha didn’t respond to that because a) no, he wouldn’t…probably, and b) Jason shouldn’t just go around kissing people without any good intentions behind it. Especially not Jensen.

“Ugh,” someone else said, only Misha didn’t have to turn to see who it was this time, because he could feel Danneel pressing up against his side and draping herself off his shoulder. “Just do it,” she said.

“What?” Misha asked and slid an arm around her back to help support her weight.

Jeeensen,” she sing-songed.

The kicker here was that Jensen had been working his way down the hall, saying Merry Christmas to people, and he was actually close enough then to hear her call out his name.

“Oops,” she giggled, as Jensen came closer.

“Dani,” he said and flashed her one of his brilliant grins. “Did you call me?”

“Maybe,” she said. “Maybe Misha did.”

Jensen raised both his eyebrows at her and said to Misha, “Is there a joke I am missing here or she is drunk enough to actually be confused about who called me over?”

“Both,” Misha told him.

“Ah,” Jensen said and then glared at Danneel. “Sweetie, you gotta slow down.”

“No, I gotta get it out of my system before winter break.”

“Well, let’s see it out of your system in your room then, shall we?” Jensen asked and slid an arm around Danneel’s other side, the side that wasn’t currently occupied by Misha.

Together they led her down the hallway, with only one inappropriate catcall inferring they were heading to do something else. Jensen shut it down real fast with an actual, honest-to-goodness growl in said person’s direction.

“Animals, all of ‘em,” Jensen muttered to himself. “Just like whoever thinks these mistletoes are a good idea.”

“But…it’s Christmas,” Misha stammered out, red in the face.

Jensen gave him a long look and sighed. “You? Really? What the hell for?”

“For yooooou,” Danneel crooned. “Kissy-kiss.”

Misha would have run away right then - gone straight out the door and transferred immediately to another college - but if he let go of Danneel, she was going to hit the floor, face first. Not that she didn’t deserve it.

Jensen didn’t say anything, just helped Danneel into her room and laid her down on her bed, making care to put her on her side with a wastebasket next to her in case the alcohol found its way back up. Then he slid down on the floor at the foot of her bed and sat there.

“I’ll just…”Misha said and made a vague gesture toward the hallway.

“Stay,” Jensen told him, but he was looking at his hands and not at Misha. “I mean, if you want. I don’t want to leave her alone like this.”

“Yeah,” Misha said and fell a little more in love because Jensen was an awesome friend. Misha was lucky to have him as a friend. A ‘kissing friend’ would be better, but still.

There was a long moment of silence, while Misha adjusted himself next to Jensen on the floor, their legs outstretched in front of them and then Jensen said, “You could have just hung one in my doorway.”

“Too obvious,” Misha said and let out a dramatic sigh. “I’d never hear the end of it.”

“And the horrid sweater?”

“My backup plan. In case Seb made me take down all the mistletoes.”


“I do like a good plan.”

“I can see that.”

Neither of them said anything for a while longer, a good ten minutes or so, and then Jensen said, “So…are you going to?”


“Kiss me? Are you going to kiss me?”

Misha’s blood rushed straight to his face and then fled just as quickly for his toes, leaving him slightly light-headed.

“Do you want me too?”

“Did me asking you not make that apparent?” Jensen asked and the man was actually smirking at Misha and Misha found it both adorable and infuriating at once.

“There isn’t mistletoe over your head,” Misha pointed out.

“You have a mistletoe pattern basically encasing your entire upper half. I think we got it covered.”

Misha took a deep breath then, like he was about to confess his darkest sin, and leaned in. Jensen was smiling at him and his eyes were actually twinkling and Misha suddenly felt so stupid for having taken this long to do anything about his crush that he decided not to waste another second and moved in quickly, capturing Jensen’s mouth with his own. Jensen was still smiling when their lips met and then he was opening for Misha and Misha was flooding in, letting himself wrap Jensen up and hold him tight.

He could hear Jensen alternating between giggles and moans and taste the sweet slide of candy cane and warmth from him and everything was good and right, there, on the floor of Danneel’s dorm-room.

They continued kissing for a good long while, even after Misha’s mistletoe sweater was pulled up over his head and forgotten in a pile of dirty clothes on the floor,

The End
Tags: character - danneel harris, character - jensen ackles, character - julie mcniven, character - misha collins, character - sebastian roche, fandom - cw rpf, fic - alternate universe, fic - fluff/schmoop, fic - holiday, fic - romance, fiction - mine, friends 4evah, pair - jensen/misha, rating - pg, verse - mistletoes, word count - 1001 to 3000, written - 2014

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