dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Happy 2015!!!

My sister is flying off to NY tomorrow to see her BFF, so me and my BFF are hanging for the New Year weekend, just the two of us! That'll be cool. It has become a bit of a tradition as my sister has been going to NY for New Years for about 4 years now. Last year we discovered Orange Is The New Black over the holiday weekend. I wonder what we'll discover this year. My plan for next week - er, next year, lol - is to reply to all the awesome comments my fic series got! (Thanks, guys!) But for bacon-hot dogs in the oven, meat/cheese platter in the fridge, cookies on the counter and my couch and blankie await me!

Hope you all have a good turn of the year and an even better year than last!

New Years Bana Bean Bloom-dodger_sister
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