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I'm An Adult, Yo!

Just in case any of you wondered how I spend my days…Today, when my sister came home from work, I was wearing my Lego Movie pajamas, listening to the Glee soundtrack, working on a sketch of Shawn Spencer from ‘Psych’ and sucking on a Ring Pop. Cuz I am a grown-ass woman, yo!

So, over the weekend, hiyacynth and her boy, Munchy P, were here. They were set to come on Friday, but after looking at the weather report, we started to get concerned about what were being described as ‘potential white-out conditions’. She said she’d think on it Wednesday night and then on Thursday I awoke to a text from my sister saying Hiyacynth was on the way here, deciding to come a day early! She very cleverly brought a sled along, in case they did get stranded on the side of the road, that she could pull her son behind her instead of carrying him through the snow.

Sis and BFF were at work on Friday, so while Hiyacynth was baking delicious bread, I played with Munchy for a few hours. He got out the Bert & Ernie dolls and we played out what I later realized was very similar to an actual episode of Sesame Street. Bert kept bringing ants into the house via his garden. “Ants in your pants, Bert? Don’t sit on the chair - you’ll get ants on the chair!” - “I sit in your chair, now you have ants in your chair!” Lather, rinse, repeat that for a half an hour. We also played on the IPad and the kid suckered me into purchasing more puzzles in the puzzle app. He is so vocal now and it is adorable. It shouldn’t be so cute when a kid cries, but when my sister shut him out of the basement so the cats could eat dinner in peace, he cried, “If you shut me out of there again, I will be sad!” Also I noticed that if one of his aunties did a transgression, we were all to blame for it. “But my aunties won’t let me in the kitchen!” - “But my aunties turned off the light!” I’m sorry, but it’s just adorable. On Saturday, just after I woke up, while I was still in bed, Munchy came traipsing into my room with a new book, crawled up in my bed and handed it to me to read to him. After that he wanted my IPad, so we cuddled up in my bed and played on that while his Mom took a shower.

We had a lot of good food and watched some movies - got to see Winter Soldier again, which I really do love a lot - and all in all, I had a pretty excellent weekend. Now I have to spend the week working on K’s birthday present. It’s his 50th this year!
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