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Music Pimping! and Random Questions...

Ha! Did you really think I was going to pimp you some grand new music you had never heard of before? (Okay, maybe I'll do that at some point, because now that I think about it - you should all be listening to AnaVana. I'll get to that eventually.)

1) Because Rob Benedict told me to! By which I mean, I got the standard automatic newsletter update. Whatever. So they are trying to get something like 3,000 hits on this video and they only have three days left (something like that, idk, I deleted the email already.) They're never gonna make their count, but look, I totally put up the link cuz Rob told me to. Louden Swain performing "Silverspoon" Live

After that, go to their website and just pull up the page and let it run. Their music will just play for free. (Hey, I plan on buying the actual album, just not this month.) So other than like one video I saw once, I'd never heard Louden Swain play before. I think I kind of love them. It's very much like the music I listened to when I was like 19 (they remind me so much of someone my friend Paul used to listen to at the time, but I can't quite put my finger on who.) Louden Swain site

My favs - "Ready Steady", "Pop Tart Heart", "Medicated" and "Mrs Vance". Who am I kidding, I cut like four songs off this list, I clearly like them all.

I also hope that someday Rob can have the pleasure of meeting Steve Franks (creator of the TV show Psych, his band "The Friendly Indians" did the theme song) and they can geek out about their bands together (because they both seem to be madly in love with their own bands, which is adorable in my book.)

My sister just came in the room and asked who I was listening to and then said the lead singer has kind of a scratchy voice. I said it's because of all the booze Chuck inhales. Apparently she didn't get the memo about what it is I like about Christian Kane's voice. <--I mean, for crying out loud, I listen to country now and that voice is the only reason I can think of why that has happened.

Which is a weird segue into...

2) Audio Interview with Christian Kane.

Listen to the bit where he talks about Leverage and Aldis. Dude, Christian, hi. Have you never heard of fan-fiction? Either he hasn't, or he just doesn't care, or he thinks it's hysterical to say things like, "Something just snapped when I shook his hand."

Thanks for the fan-fic fodder, Chris. I love you.

Other than that, he swears during an interview - Kiss your Mama with that mouth? Cuz I can think of something better you can do with it. He tells stories like my dad, repeating the same things a lot and he seems to be having trouble forming a thought at a few points in the interview. Dude, Christian, hi. Stoned much?

Also, why does the fact that he seems kind of like a dick make me like him more? It amuses me like when I heard the Season One commentary for One Tree Hill and realized that Chad is a sweetheart wrapped in a douchebag idiot.

3) Joseph Gordon-Levitt is NOT a rockstar. But he's so adorkable-cute-squishy-face, OMG! Watch him kind of sorta play the guitar and sing some Lady GaGa and be cute. The commentary he gives in the middle of the song is the best thing ever! I squish your squishy face, JGL!

4) So, for no reason in particular, I tried to find some information on Jason Manns. His bio, even on his official page, is slightly lacking. Who told him he can have personal privacy?! So, certainly not for fic purposes or my own curiousity, can anyone tell me -

How old is Jason Manns?
How tall is Jason Manns?
Is Jason Manns married?

I think that covers it.
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