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See how I made it sound urgent when I really just need a beta? I have two stories I want to get turned out in the next week or so and need a beta for them. One - a Justified fic, about 5k, Tim/Raylan - is finished already. The other - a SPN, Dean/Cas fic, which I estimate will be about 8k when I finish it, but who knows, as I suck at figuring word counts - is not quite done. I meant to finish it yesterday, but I sorted my mail and watched a movie instead. Oops. Oh well. I hope to have the Dean/Cas one ready for beta by Friday evening. I figure if I ask for the Dean/Cas beta ahead of time, it might spur me to actually finish this thing! I have a houseguest next week - (ceitfianna is coming for a visit!) - so the betas wouldn’t need to be rushed, I’d just want them back by like the 9th or so. Any takers? /eyes you all expectantly/

And now, to make this post more interesting, have some pictures of my beautiful old man, Roo, hanging out with his cutie-pie cousin, James T. Kirk.

Look at these boy!

That is all.
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