dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Good Times.

So ceitfianna is here for a visit this week! She was at a conference in Chicago and I suggested she take the train here and stay for a bit. She came in late Monday night, thankfully the snow didn't delay her any. On Tuesday we went to dinner at Applebee's after my PT appointment. We've also been rewatching the first half of Flash and discussing fic ideas. I really like the idea of exploring young Barry and Iris and Joe and that whole dynamic. We also came up with some ideas for a roleplay table game that I can make to play with The Nephew the next time he comes in, which I am really excited about.

We'll probably go to dinner tomorrow night, maybe have a game night or catch a movie on Saturday, before she heads home on Sunday. It's been a nice laid back fangirl visit and right now we are working through a plot issue on one of her First Class fics. Nothing better than talking fanfic with a fangirl!

How are all of your weeks going?
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